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Hello people. I have started reading again… sometimes, 2 books at a time. How does that work? One is a hard copy which I read when am home and the other (a completely different book) is on the kindle app (on my phone and ipod touch) which I read on the go. Weird, I know but am a Gemini and can multi task.

Books I have read recently:

– Byculla to Bangkok  by Hussain Zaidi:

I like books by Hussain Zaidi. He is a crime reporter and has an in depth knowledge about the mafia in Mumbai. Black Friday is one of the favorite books though I did not like Mafia Queens of Mumbai too much. While the earlier book Dongri to Dubai focused mainly on Dawood, this next book focuses on other mafia guys. I like the way he writes… it does not seem sappy or emotional or made up or fiction. Do pick up his books. A good read.

– Philomena

After watching the movie, review here I decided to read the book as well. Philomena is a lady from Ireland who becomes pregnant at 17 and her parents send her off to the nuns to have the child. She has to live in the convent for 3 years and work for the nuns for free and her child is ‘sold’ off to American parents against her will. This was quite common in Ireland in those days and recently the government even apologized for this. There were many adopted kids who went back to Ireland looking for their birth mothers and were not given access to the information.

The movie focuses on Philomena and her search for her son when she old. While the book is all about her son and his search for her. This is the first time I have liked the movie more than the book. Throughout the book Anthony (the son) comes across as a person who is unhappy and not entirely ‘normal’ because he does not know who his mother is. I agree that it is a sensitive topic and difficult to understand. I cannot imagine what it is like to not have parents BUT I believe human beings are capable of moving on. I feel like the book is someone’s imagination and paints an incorrect picture. I didn’t like the book… at all. There was very little about Philomena and her struggle. The entire story is about Anthony.

– The Sanjay Story by Vinod Mehta

This book was initially published in 1978 when Indira Gandhi lost the elections and before Sanjay’s death. I did not know this when I picked it up. I assumed it is about his entire life. The biggest problem is the lack of sources. Considering it is 1978 and Sanjay is still alive makes it difficult for sources to come forward. It would have been better if the book was written immediately after his death since his acquaintances would have been alive then and more willing to talk. Vinod Mehta has, of course, put his opinion forward but am not sure if it is correct. And neither is he. The book does not really complete Sanjay’s story. Avoid.


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