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It has been a very hectic week… work, work and more work. Month end and beginning always is… there is sales closing, targets to be met, presentations, reviews, reports, next month’s plans, meetings… more meetings… and some more. I have been coming home late at night… have not been able to hit the gym.

Last evening, we went to the factory outlets of Samsonite and Puma at Ghitorni and the headed to CP for dinner of Chicken Curry at National Dhaba and then caught Hangover 2.
Sunday has been busy as well, with the gym and then groceries shopping, washing clothes etc etc. I have been able to seat my ass just an hour back. I plan to relax for rest of the day.
I missed one week of the gym ‘coz of chums and then illness. I spent another week busy and lazy. I was more afraid of the trainer who would scold me for not coming so I kept putting it off. When it comes to gymming, half the battle is starting again after a break. I plan to stick to it this time. It is all about time management.
The other day RT and me were discussing compromise. I remember my mom telling me; “Life is about compromise”. At that stage, I wanted it all… nothing wrong with that. But over the years I realize instead of having it all, it has been about choosing something/someone most important to me… and letting go of less important things. And thats ok. It does not “feel” like a compromise.
Somehow the word has a negative connotation… it needs to be replaced with a more positive word.

3 thoughts on “Hectic Week

  1. Its like this…
    You can go on a diet and “deny” yourself good food
    you can turn to healthy eating and start liking it. You won’t call it a diet then.
    I’d like to call it choice… career or hubby? Love or family?
    Compromise sounds negative… choice has a positive ring to it

  2. Nice post on choosing what’s important, and letting go of other things. You’re right, there should be a more positive word for compromise that sounds more win-win than lose-lose.

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