Hectic Sunday

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It has been a hectic day, most of it spent washing clothes.

  • Woke up at 7.30/8 am (a trial on weekdays… why of why, do I wake up early on Sunday???)
  • Spent one hour reading the paper
  • Spent another hour fertilising the plants, plucking out the dead leaves and watering them… a fortnightly ritual
  • Tried out the new vacuum cleaner… managed to remove cob webs and clean fans
  • Washed clothes
  • The maid cleaned the house for another hour
  • Changed bed sheets, cleaned furniture… forgot to clean the LCDs and mirrors
  • After a long bath I rushed to the parlour for a haircut and some pampering. Unfortunately, the hair dresser was not keen on giving me the hair cut I wanted… I cancelled the appointment and visited another parlour. Was completely put off and headed home after lunch
  • Watched Firaaq and washed some more clothes
  • Headed to Lifestyle, Pantaloons and Westside… left without buying anything… the good stuff has been sold
  • Managed to find round pillows… but could not find the cover for them… after some searching bought matching round pillow covers, center table cover and dining table cover… could not find plain brown curtains (have been looking for them for a month now)
  • Got the tap fixed… and also the door lock…. the most important chores
  • Washed some more clothes

I also stepped into Archies. I can’t think of a Valentine’s gift for KC… hoped to find something good… but there were only soft toys. I just might gift him a soft toy. Sigh!!! Gifting guys is sooooooo difficult. I generally emotionally blackmail him into revealing his gifts for me… this time he is too determined. Some sort of manipulation will have to be used.

I have added loads of color to the house… blues, browns, pinks, greens…
Some things are still missing… brown curtains (don’t like the current ones.. can’t find good ones), a clock (waiting for KC to come so we can buy it together), a swing (I do have some space for a swing… yippie).
I might put up some pics of the house… lets see.
I love my house.

4 thoughts on “Hectic Sunday

  1. @ RT: What to do… just one day to fit in all the chores and relaxation.

    @Sundeep: Lol… but I have only that day to clean… do my chores… and also relax.

  2. ur house sounds like smartly done up đŸ™‚ pink and brown combination look superb..

    and I second you on gifts for guys..!!!

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