Heartbeat- because am listening to it right now and it takes me to places I should not go to

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I hadn’t planned to post. In fact, I wanted to take a break from the blog for a while.

It’s amazing how close we can come to missing out on moments. I didn’t run in the morning because I wanted to cook instead. It took me 1.5 hours instead of the planned 1 hour and I missed out on my 30 mins of run.

*A note about me… I have a plan for every hour of my day. Keeping me idle is that worst thing you could do to me. Wish my organization understood that*

I was supposed to attend the yoga class at 8.30 pm but I decided to check out Shiv’s interview on fb here.

*Book plug starts*

It is happening right now… interview with the author of ‘Domechild’

*Book plug ends*

The trial cook turned up late and I decided to skip the run but it’s my speed run day… the most important day and missing it is not done. I went downstairs. The pleasant weather… the darkness… dodging the traffic pepped me up and I didn’t even wait for a proper warm up (Ok, ok… aage se nahi hoga. I shall warm up… Ok?)… I ran my heart out… I ran so fast I wanted to puke.

Shilpi told me the other day how she never walks while running. She stops if she is too tired but she does not walk. I have taken inspiration from her and tried it. I don’t walk… I sprint… walk a few steps to catch my breath… sprint again. There is no slow running or jogging or walking… and it works.

Finally… I achieved the target time of 7 mins/km. If you are a runner, you maybe faster than me. Marathon running is not a competition… everyone wins. And you compete with only yourself.

When I saw the time… all I wanted to do was sit down and cry. Because I have been working really hard for this. So hard. I want to run a full marathon this year. I, so badly, want to. That is the goal of my life. I don’t care about anything else. My career be damned… my personal life be damned… I want to run those 42.2 km.

I cannot believe I managed this despite the injury in March. It feels good to have taken 4 steps forward despite taking 2 steps back.

Right now… this is bigger than running the 1st half marathon… or the 2nd… or the 3rd. Long distance running is easy but reducing the timing is a real bitch. It takes everything you have… and is the best feeling in the world.

I want to thank 2 people immensely- Rishabh for his tips. I knew I was on the right track but speaking to him validated it and Shilpi- who I met through instagram and she is a senior half marathon runner. Trust me, she had every reason to give up because of some issues but she didn’t give up. I won’t write more because she has not talked about it even on her blog.

What next? It is never over. One goal met leads to a steeper goal. And that is life.

– Increase distance? 5 km?

– Or further reduce time?

I shall sleep over this… ask people around… and then decide.

And R has cancelled on me AGAIN. Sigh. People are so predictable. Ciao.


12 thoughts on “Heartbeat- because am listening to it right now and it takes me to places I should not go to

  1. Yay! You did it.. It feels like my milestone.. and I told you walking doesn’t help much.. Stopping is better than running and in no time you will be able to minimize your stops / stopping time.. Fuck seriously this needs celebration and I am going to eat chocolate… 🙂 I read my name here and was like.. whaaaaaaaaatttttttt?

    Btw, when are we meeting next?

  2. Yep… your tip certainly helped…
    Hahahaha…. Even am going to eat chocolate now 😛
    This weekend is packed because am working on Saturday… :(. Next weekend, Sarojini?

    • Perfect, before it gets too hot. That place is like my area so be prepared for some awesome street food and we can also go to INA and Dilli Haat.. Sounds good?

      • Done. Will confirm soon because I may want to do a food tour with Seek Sherpa on Saturday and there is a Vir Das show too.

  3. Wow , Walking doesnt help . Hmmm..
    Today while i was running( on treadmill ) , I saw my time after i read about your 7 minutes yesterday .. I realized its 8 and half minutes for one Km . But thats on treadmill and i dont even run outside 🙁
    I’m going to work on it now 🙂

    • Try running outdoors. It is much more fun than the treadmill. Use the treadmill only when it is raining or cold or something. And beginning mein toh everyone runs and walks. It is just that now am focusing on improving my pace and I need to run throughout

  4. Invite *******
    It may sound funny. But I invite you for a run with me. 10Km.
    Why?For me >> I will feel good to help you achieve > In dwarka. Road running. , track crosses 2-3 red lights ( If you are not comfortable with road running then you may avoid)
    when? >> weekend , This week I am travelling. next week I will run
    Time >> 6:30am approx No I cant come and run in gurgaon.
    I am really impressed with your grit to reduce time and run. All the best


    • Thanks for the invite Harish. It is much appreciated but I will have to decline because:
      – If I have to travel out of Gurgaon for a run… I’d rather go to Central Delhi/Lodi Gardens and I probably will next Sunday. It has been on my bucket list for quite sometime
      – I prefer to run alone… that is why I haven’t joined any of the running groups in Gurgaon

      • You are welcome. But seeing your other posts I guess you do not need any pacer for making 10km < 1 hr. You can do it on your own. I do not run as much as you do though every few months I challenge myself and do 10km < 1 hr or sometimes < 50min. you are an inspiration. Thanks and all the best.

  5. Hi Bulbul, Just wanted to ask few questions: 1) What kind of warm up do u prefer before your runs? 2) what kind of stretches do u normally do?3) i have started running again after a year, and in span of five days managed to do two runs (7.07 km and 8.10 Nkkm respectively) i annoyed both, but have started running beyond 5 k now, and i realized that i have to do run walk thing since i am not able to run continuously more than 0.5 km or at the max 1km some good days. I get breathless running long, so i start slow and walk for few minutes then run agin. do u had such experience when yu started first running? what would u suggest in this case so that i can get better at running longer and reduce my slow and walking time bit?
    Any other suggestion on running improvement are really appreciated.

    With love,
    Thanks and best regards,

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