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We caught this flick on Friday night… If I could, I would have seen it first day first show. Harry Potter is the only sequel which has lived up to the book and to the first part. The reason is not just the direction or the editing. It is mainly ‘coz the book is soooo good and the actors are so apt. I could not have imagined a better Harry or Hermione or Ron or Dumbledore or Hagrid etc. They have been the heroes till now… but there are new heroes in the last 2 movies… Bellatrix… Voldemort… and the best… Snape. Bellatrix is perfect as the mad crazy woman… and Snape has this measured way of speaking. I cannot think of any Bollywood actor who could have acted it this way.

I wish the movie would have covered the entire book and I sympathize with the people who haven’t read the book. 4 hours also would not be a deterrent. It has been edited well and does not cover Albus, Aberforth and their sister’s back story. The search and finding of the horcruxes is too fast.
I loved it … and Harry will be missed.

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  1. I agree…:)

    When I saw the movie…I was so glad..that it was really close to the book minus Dumbledore’s history.

    HP will always remain one of my personal favorites..

    What I loved was the way it ended…when the book was out….I loved JK Rowling brought the story to an end…WOW!!

    I wish she writes more..:)

  2. @ Anita: Its better to read the book right before watching the movie… helps make the connection. I really appreciate the fact that you do not watch movies in the theatre ‘coz of Mimi… I do sympathise with you… but kids in theatres can be irritating for the parents and audience. I have seen kids in the midnight show also.

    @ Saritha: I completely agree… Indian soap writers need to learn to end things on a good note instead of dragging it for generations

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