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Hi. I have not been too great these last few days. Don’t ask why. On Sunday, I dropped KC off to the airport after my Jazz class. He was going to Pune for a few days and then to Mumbai… then back to Pune and returning after 6 days. I was pissed… he was going to miss V day. Initially, he had planned to return for one evening so we could have dinner together. I felt like something had changed. I am very scared of things changing… of becoming a boring couple who are too lazy to do anything fun… I miss the energy we used to have. We have traveled all over the country to be with each other even for one night. Most of our relationship and 1 year of marriage was long distance. I remember this one time- I had to go for a conference to Lonvala. I worked most of the night with my colleagues on a ppt, we left early morning for Lonvala… worked all day… partied till late night… started ppts next day early morning… went for water sports in the evening… returned at night for dinner at the Boss’s house… left at 1 am for guesthouse… took the early morning flight to Indore… spent the day and night with KC… flew back in the morning to Mumbai… worked all day… took the train at night to Gujarat. And he has done the same for me.

And then negative thoughts come in… what if… what if… what if. Sometimes I wonder if we are happy or I am just like Carrie, not used to not having drama. Which one is it?

Anyway, KC agreed to come back (seeing that he had no other option) but I messaged him and asked him not to strain himself. There were 2 reasons for this:
  1. Travelling from Pune to Gurgaon to Pune to Mumbai to Gurgaon does sound hectic. It seemed like a genuine reason
  2. I did not want to be with him on V day if he did not want to be with me. Plain and simple. I do have my pride and ego
My bad ass friends were surprised to know I would be alone on V Day. “Umm… hmm… where is KC, if not with you?” I did wonder and kept tracking him to Google Maps. (After reading this, he will take me off his list for sure).
On V day, he did not call me … now I was pissed AND sad. To be the higher person, I sent flowers online. I would have done it earlier but I was not sure if he would be in Mumbai or Pune or back home. 30 mins later, my doorbell rang. KC had sent me roses… orange roses with a “Sorry” note. All I could think was; “The romance is still alive” And Amen to that.
It was like “Gift of Magi” (by O’Henry)… with both us sending each other roses and all. I know the story was about sacrifice but for 2 self sufficient individuals the opportunity to sacrifice rarely comes.
Happy V day. I hope its a better one next year.

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  1. @ RT: Even I didn’t know that. Btw, the roses looked pink online and thats why KC ordered them. I am still wondering why anyone would send pink/orange roses on V day. So weird. But, its the thought that counts… since there are so few of them 😛

    @ Anita: Thank you… doesn’t seem like that… I mean, it still feels like we are friends rather than “married”. But thats good

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