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Hiya… sorry, I have been gone too long. Life has been busy and the winter is making me lazy. Moving means letting go of the conserved heat and I try to do less of that.

New year’s was good. We didn’t do anything on 31st, for obvious reasons. But I have never done much on 31st- ever… no partying or boozing for me, well, except for this one time.
As a kid, I spent 31st at home… all of us (sis, bro and me) would be up till late at night watching TV. We would make some Maggi when hungry…. those were the days when we looked forward to TV programmes on 31st night. Once our parents dragged us to a party… not a dance and liquor party (How I wish!!!) but a get together of doctors and their families in a restaurant on the highway. Ghazals were playing live, there was chaat and stuff for dinner, cake was cut and we were all so bored. We cribbed like hell ‘coz it was the night when Titanic was playing on Star Movies for the very first time. The next night we refused to go to any party and watched the movie at home. Bliss.
When I was in my B-School, we spent 31st night on KMC (Kasturba Medical College) greens with friends. In the 2nd year, we took a trip to Turtle Bay- a beach resort near Manipal. It was good fun. On the way back, I joined a friend for a party. The plan was to stay there for sometime and return before midnight to KMC greens. Unfortunately, the friend was there to DJ and I didn’t know anyone too well. I ended up getting seriously drunk and puked my guts out. 1st Jan was a complete hangover for me… and I missed meeting friends at greens.
KC’s and my first new year was at Mulund. I had to go to Bhiwandi warehouse on 31st. I got stuck in traffic on my way back and by the time we reached Mulund it was crowded and 10 pm. There were no empty restaurants for dinner. We ended up at Dominoes at midnight. Not the best new year.
We did the same this year- had dinner at Dominoes and stayed in. Not bad.
The best surprise in the morning was the delivery of the gas cylinder. I had been following up like crazy for a week.
Coming to the present,
  • I had the best Jazz class last week. The senior instructor P is amazing… she has to enter the class and I feel good. I look forward to seeing her… she dances like a dream… and she inspires. WOW!!! And its not just talent… but also loads of hard work.
  • So many sales are going on right now. Please check out Promod. I have never entered the store ‘coz it is pricey. On Saturday, I just checked out the sale and it was a genuine one. Upto 70% meant actual clothes at 70% off. I bought a skirt priced at 3650 bucks for only 1090 bucks. How cool is that? I shopped like crazy… went back the next day too. And again the 3rd day (did not find anything I had not bought on the 3rd day).
  • Mango sale sucks…. they just bring trash from somewhere. Clothes look like seconds. Please avoid
  • My company just gifted us a Sony Home Theater. I have wanted one for quite sometime but we didn’t want to splurge. Watching movies is a whole new experience. I do not fall asleep watching movies anymore
  • Sunday was quite hectic. We stayed up till 1 am on Saturday night watching movie on Blu Ray DVD (Scarface) and then a marathon session of Big Bang Theory. Waking up at 11 next morning was torture. I will never go against my body clock again. Sleep by midnight, at max. After a late and lazy b’fast at Choko La (details in next post) I rushed for my dance class… after which we rushed to buy groceries, shop and have dinner. Too much rushing around
  • Gym has been ignored completely ‘coz of dance. We have the winter workshop performance on 28th Jan’12 at SiriFort. From 3 hours a week, I have to attend classes for 5 hours per week (1.5 hours on 2 weekdays and 2 hours on Sundays). It gets hectic but is a lot of fun.
  • I am tired of feeling cold all the time, waiting for 2-3 days for the clothes to dry, not seeing the sun for days, waking up to foggy mornings… I want the sun and the warmth. Will this cold end already?
  • What is worse than a Delhite telling you it is not cold enough? A mumbaite telling you it is not cold enough.

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