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Good morning… It is 7: 38 am and I am in Mumbai. Mumbai is not my fav city in the world but I like it… a lot. It has wonderful memories of KC. We had sooooooo much time in the world then.

Month end closing is done… It was not excellent but it was good. Now I understand why CAT and MBA have relative grading… performance in an organization is also relative… my performance will be compared to other areas of Gujarat, West branch and the company performance.
But Jan is over and it is time to think about Feb from tomorrow. I don’t work on weekends… and after 8 pm on weekdays. There has to be a work life balance. My team is not allowed to call me after 8 pm (weekdays) and on weekends unless they are on their death bed. Anything else can wait… of course, during closing it is ok… even KC asks me to finish my closing and then call him ‘coz I turn into a devil woman.

Anyway… I never spend my Sunday sleeping and lazing around… whether I am in Mumbai or A’bad or Rajkot (on rare cases). Sundays are special… they are meant for movies, shopping, eating out, meeting friends… doing something.

How do you spend your Sunday?

4 thoughts on “Happy new month

  1. I go for a long long run with my pet and then cook the best food of the week in my lovely kitchen

    btw, u didnt reply to my last question : Wha made u start writing the blog ?

  2. Genrally I update my stocks database. Update excelsheets. Re-do, refine (improve if you may) valuation models. I know my life sucks… You bet it does, possibly even more than you can comprehend…

  3. sometimes arguing with irritating and stupid landlords and trying to forget all their stupid remarks by watching movies and eating out!!

  4. @Anonymous: Nice… I did reply to your question… check comments section
    @ Faunt: Totally boring… I won’t bother asking what you do on weekdays
    @RT: That b**** troubles you on Sundays??? Damn… I hope she rots in hell

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