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Hiya… Happy Holi… forgive me if you messaged a greeting and I didn’t reply. I am quite lazy.

I am exhausted today and plan to sleep by 10 pm… have come to Veraval to spend my Holi.
My 2 younger cousins are quite excited and have been threatening to spray me with color even though I have warned them; “Plz don’t… I don’t want to play Holi… my skin is quite sensitive”.

Right now Nani is cooking something (don’t know the English term for the Sindhi food) on cakes of cow dung like they did in the old days.

Me: Umm… that is being cooked directly on the cow dung…
Mama: So? They cooked like that in old days… it is quite hygienic
Me: I thought they used utensils
Mama: Bhaati (of Daal Bhaati fame) is also cooked directly
Me: I am not eating that.. ok? Holi or no Holi

Me (to cousin): Oye… go spray water on the dogs…
Cousin: I can’t… they will fall sick
Me: And I won’t???

Anyways… enjoy your Holi. I was in Gurgaon last year during Holi… hated every moment of it.

The year before that I was at Manipal… RT and I had pulled Appu for the Holi at the boys hostel when we found out she has never played it. She was so much a part of us that we forgot she is Mallu.

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  1. You brought back those good TAPMI memories.Last year we played holi in a park..7 of us. At around 11am or so we decide that we need to celebrate HOLI..went out into the park with all our parapheranalia including a bucket of water,few pichkaris and some gulal. Apart from Arjun,the rest of the group was kind of new to me. We played a civilised holi where one was extremely careful not surpass the decency limits. Thoda yehaan, thoda vahaan rub kiya aur thoda pichkari bhi maara. Thats it..And our HOLI was over.This made me conclude that HOLI is a festival to be celebrated with your best friends and that too in its true savage form. Waiting for yet another HOLI with my best friends..

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