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Hiya. Its been a very hectic but happening week. My mom called and told me she is coming to Delhi with my sis who is arriving from USA. This came as a major surprise. My mom is not one to inform earlier. I was pissed since getting leave at the last moment was going to be an issue. I had pending leaves which I had planned to take in advance. Anyway, they arrived on Monday morning. I met them in the evening after work at CP (no, they didn’t stay with me… no surprise there), dropped my mom off to Karol Bagh, dropped off my sis at AIIMS and headed home. I was exhausted with all the driving around. Btw, Karol Bagh is like Times Square of New York- with all the billboards and everything.

I had taken Tuesday off since my sis had to shop for my cousin’s wedding. (No, I was not invited). Big problem. I know where the malls are… I know where to get western wear… but Indian wear? Beats me. I googled and took advice from male friends…. who asked their female friends/colleagues. We went to Nalli in South Ex but they had only sarees… we went to Hauz Khas since there are designers stores there. I learned something new- designers stores display only a few pieces. They design and not retail. We had lunch at Gunpowder and left for Gurgaon empty handed.
Gurgaon was a disappointment too. We finally picked 5 dresses and waited for my mom to turn up and pick the final one. She rejected all of them. The shopkeeper was in tears. He had spent more than an hour showing us the stuff. On our way out, we came across a dress material shop and checked it out. Finally, the purchases were made and everyone heaved a sigh of relief.
The initial plan was that mom and sis would leave on Wednesday night but the unsuccessful shopping trip changed that. They left on Wednesday morning to get the dresses stitched from A’bad in one day.
But before that, my sis was wondering where are the top designers in Delhi. Delhi is supposed to be the fashion capital, after all. More google.. and we went to Emporio Mall. I was impressed. I have only seen the clothes on the net… to actually see them in front of me was a dream come true. Of course, Indian designers are all located on the top floor of the mall with the most expensive and premium brands like Versace, Cartier, Christian Louboutin etc on the ground floor. We checked out all the Indian designers- Suneet Verma (lehengas ranging till 5 lakh), Tarun Tahiliani (regular salwar kameez for 80 k), Malini Ramani (the dress that Ekta Kapoor wears to all parties at 19k) etc etc. Rina Dhaka was the cheapest with salwar kameez arounf 20k. It was quite a trip and one that I enjoyed thoroughly.
I realized how misunderstandings and negative feelings can last for years due to mis-communication or lack of any communication. That was rectified on this trip.
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  1. @ RT: Yeah, it was good.

    @ Anita: Hey, its ok. It was really bad 2 years back… its much better now. But one thing I have learned is that Indian parents love conditionally. Break their rules and its over.

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