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Its been a good day… after my super hectic dance class (the pain later… much later) I took a nap. KC and I then headed to Vasant Kunj looking for a decent pair of black formal shoes. He bought me a pair of jeans from Zara and then I got a hair cut. Now we are home just chilling.
Coming to the Zara Jeans, I bought a stylish pair of jeans from Zara in Jan’12. I love blue denims… they have a different look. I picked up the amazing colour in the sale. It was my prized possession… until… KC left a pen in his trousers pocket. They went for wash along with my jeans and ruined them. Unbelievable… nothing happened to his trousers or anything else. I was pissed. I told him to buy me a new pair which he agreed to do. The ruined pair was dyed black (now, I have 2 black denims… not happy). During the sale in July, we did not visit Zara together. I could not find anything too great but bought grey denims anyway. I asked him to pay me for it but he refused. He wanted to be around when I bought them. Well, who am I to save his money? Finally, he bought me the perfect pair in the perfect colour- blue denims straight fit.
As for the hair cut, this was my 2nd hair cut in 2 days. No kidding. I wanted to grow my hair long this time. I did not get a trim for 8 months due to which the ends have become dry. I decided to visit my regular salon- Bella Madonna. I have visited this salon twice and was given a good hair cut. I didn’t remember the stylist’s name and didn’t care much. It is the salon that matters, right? Wrong. The stylist gave me the 3rd worst hair cut of my life. Even while he was cutting I knew this is not going the way its supposed to. He gave me layers and I told him I don’t like it. He changed it to steps and a fringe. I left the salon disappointed. I was too pissed to even bother complaining. KC kept telling me that it looks good but I knew something is wrong. On sharing my pic with whatsapp school buddies, I got the reply that the front does not look good… there is some issue on the sides as well. It was decided. I needed another hair cut to salvage whats left. I headed to Looks in Vasant Kunj Mall. The stylist managed to do something and has asked me to be back after 4-5 months for a better cut. Sigh!!! I spent 1800 bucks for a hair cut I don’t like and choped off the length I grew in 8 months. What a bummer.
That reminded me of all the bad and good hair cuts I have had. After all, there is nothing more joyful. Getting a hair cut is an occasion… its a make or break situation… it is as important as the daily moisturizer.

  • My first bad hair cut was in school- 2nd std. I was in the boarding and had shoulder length hair. They were long enough to tie into plaits. One fine day, the nun of our dormitory hired a barber to chop off everyone’s hair. It would cause less trouble of lice, combing, oiling etc. The cut was not even boyish. I don’t know what the barber was thinking. My sis saw me in the evening and was shocked. 
  • My 2nd bad hair cut was in Gurgaon- Lakme, Galleria in 2008. KC was with me that day. Some male stylist (who looked more like a barber) gave me the weirdest cut. I screamed and shouted and complained but nothing could be done. I went to USA to visit my sis with that hair cut. None of those pics have been uploaded on fb. 
  • When I was in the 5th and studying at A’bad I had the same shoulder length hair tied in plaits. One fine day my mom took me to her trusted salon and got them chopped off. I don’t remember much but initially I was excited. It is only when I realized that they were giving me a blunt cut I burst into tears. Don’t know what blunt cut is??? C’mon… So, I had one side chopped off and the stylist was going to start working on the other side and I kept crying. It was quite funny. Of course, next day I got a lot of compliments in school.
  • The best hair cut was in Kolkata. When I travelling around the country I stuck to VLCC and Lakme for my salon needs. I didn’t want to try out unknown salons. I visited Lakme for a hair cut and this amazing stylist gave me the best hair cut. 
Sigh!!! Hope I do not have to add more bad experiences to this list. 

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