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I got a haircut on Saturday. … let me rephrase that… I got a significant haircut on Saturday.

The last few hair cut experiences have not been satisfying… at all. I generally go to a salon with a vague idea of what I want. I feel it is a stylist wet dream when a customer walks up and says; ” I am not sure what I want…. do what you feel good”. Unfortunately, in India, this is a dreaded statement. Every stylist ends up giving me the same hair cut… layers … since my hair are wavy. Once or twice I have told to let them grow and return after a few months. Weird. I had gone to the stylist last weekend and she said the same thing. I decided to be patient.
Except… a stylist from Italy was practicing on Indian hair in office. I decided to give it a try… how bad could it be? After many mediocre and one horrible hair cut I have become immune to them. On inquiring from the senior stylist when the Italian was not around, I got to know they were opening a new salon at Oberoi, Gurgaon. I was not too impressed.
Anyway, the Italian was teaching the senior stylist and asked him what would suit my face. He mouthed some random stuff like any Indian stylist. The Italian let him start the cut. I was petrified… I did want this guy to experiment. Thankfully, after a mistakes the Italian took over. He chopped… and chopped and chopped some more. Once styled, I was transformed. This one of my best hair cuts… another one being at Lakme, Kolkatta. The best part is he understood what I meant when I said; “I do not have time to style my hair… I want something which will stay that way”.
I had attended a training for stylists where they complained to the instructor that customers expect hair cuts to look the same way once styled… which is not possible. The instructor sympathized with them.
Now I understand the difference between a firang and an Indian stylist… also, difference between a 5 star salon and a normal one… no wonder, they charge a bomb. I would willingly pay that bomb.
The whole experience… the way this guy spoke about hair and how it should be cut… was like Masterchef for hair.
I do not know if it looks good… due to lack of female company and the only male who can give an opinion cannot be relied on. If he says its good I may wonder if he is lying… and if he does not like it I will question the judgement of someone who has had one style for 28 years.
Atleast, its different… thats all that matters.

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  1. Please please put up a pic on FB. I too noticed how amazing firang stylists can be. I have a Lebanani stylist here and he gives me a makeover, each month that I visit him.
    But I can tell you a great salon in GK where I used to be a regular. It is called Looks Salon. Do try that place the next time. And yes, I used to shell out close to 1600 /-bucks each time I visited them. I didn’t mind that because, I was always thrilled with the end result

  2. @ Anita: Will try… last time I put a pic I had spent more than an hour styling it… and another hour trying to get the perfect pic… and another hour on editing it on picassa.
    Wow… you would travel from Noida to GK for a hair cut? The place must be really good. There is a Looks salon in Gurgaon as well. Will try it next time

    @ KC: 😛 😛

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