Hahahaha!!! Greece- you are sooooo funny

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Brumby Not a Witness ‏@brownbrumby 

Indians are used to vote in elections where they choose how they would like to get screwed. Now Greeks know how it feels like #greecereferendum

Faraja Nyalandu ‏@FarajaNyalandu 

Beggars CAN become choosers! #GreeceReferendum

 Thomas Hunter ‏@huntersthom 

#GreeceReferendum be like:

Yes = We’re going down.

No = We’re going down and we’re taking everybody with us.

Ramesh Srivats ‏@rameshsrivats 

I don’t have money. So give me money. But I won’t listen to anything you say. Ah! Greece is the teenage child of Europe. #GreekReferendum

Shirish Kunder ‏@ShirishKunder 

Next time you go out with friends, don’t go Dutch. Go Greek. Just refuse to pay. #greekreferendum

Shan ‏@shan_daar 

Want to put a referendum to vote – should we have Mondays? As a country, we can all reject it right?

Arnab Ray ‏@greatbong 

Took a vote at home. We have decided we wont be paying our credit card bills. Ever. #greekreferendum

Rohan ‏@mojorojo 

Just got my credit card bill. Will hold referendum on it at 2 pm. Please vote yes, no or EMI.

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