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I was at the gym today in my short shorts (not the shortest ones though) and a racerback. Throughout the workout I found it hard to face the trainer instead of the mirror. I can see muscles on my thighs, my arms look very, very toned, my shoulders are rounded, the double chin has mostly disappeared and I had a moment of epiphany. For the first time in a long time, I don’t care what my size is. Even at UK size 10, am looking fucking great. Sure, it feels good when you walk into a store and fit into size 8 but that isn’t the goal at all. I just want to shed fat and gain muscles to get to a decent fat % which equals fitness. IRRESPECTIVE OF THE SIZE.

I can have a great body in my current size. These are things I have read in fitness articles which are supposed to motivate but in my head, I always wanted to get smaller/thinner. Isn’t that always the goal? To become thin? To fit into the S or XS size of a brand? The only part am not ok with is my core/waist and am working on that. I am afraid it will be difficult for me to wear clothes again once I lose the fat on my waist.

So, you can be fit without being thin. It is a crucial learning and following the process instead of worrying about the results has brought me here.

I have started thinking of fitness like it is my job. I go to work everyday, right? Why should I skip my workout? It has the same level of importance in my life. Going to work gets me a salary, working out everyday gives me so many things I cannot even enumerate.

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