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Hiya… KC advised me against going to the gym everyday… his logic being that I work everyday and get tired… 3-4 times in a week should suffice. So I skipped yesterday and went today. The instructor was not too happy to hear this. He has asked me to come everyday. The good part is he has planned different work outs everyday which makes the experience interesting and unpredictable. I miss the gym in Rajkot… it has good instructors. Since it is part of a 4 star hotel the service is good and courteous. The creme of Rajkot come there to work out.
Anyway… the current gym is part of the society. It has very good instruments for work out. There is a pool table, carrom, chess and table tennis in the adjacent room, a badminton court outside and a jogging track around the rooms. A pretty good deal. And it is costing me only Rs 250 per month.

My car met with an accident yesterday. A chemical tanker hit it. I don’t know whose fault it was… mine or his. Fact is my car got damaged… and he was driving the chemical tanker within the city limits which is illegal. Thankfully, the owner of tanker agreed to bear the charges of the damage… the car has been repaired and will be reunited with me tomorrow. It was a scary experience… thank god KC’s bro was 5 mins away. Mumbai people are crazy….

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