Gym-less week

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A week without workout is generally the most frustrating one for me. The reason for skipping the gym could be anything – illness, weakness, boredom, lethargy, lack of time. I don’t need additional push to go to the gym or for my runs, so when I skip it, I try and avoid feeling guilty about it. And since am losing my muscles, I am more careful about my food choices.

I have been ill this week and skipped my 10 km run on Sunday. Instead of straining myself, I have let my body rest and recover. I won’t let short term gains hamper my body. Yesterday evening, I got delayed in office and decided to head home since the mattress was going to be delivered. As luck would have it, the delivery happened at 10 pm and there was no reason for me to have skipped the gym and reached home so early. By 11 pm, I was bored, lonely and not tired enough to sleep. It took a few hours of tossing and turning, a 2 am conversation with a very close friend for me to fall asleep.

That’s when I realized how fuck all evenings can be without my gym. I do not want to go home early. And no, I don’t have so much work that I need to stay in office till late. I spend long hours travelling and long hours in office as well would be frustrating. Thank heavens for my gym. If it wasn’t for Fitness First, the loneliness and depression would have started creeping in.

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