Gurgaon’s car free Tuesdays

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Sensible govt- Let us reduce pollution by using cleaner sources of energy, better public transport, safer roads so people can cycle to work etc etc
Haryana govt- Lets have car free Tuesdays
Gurgaonites- LOL. We dare you to separate us from our cars


Let us reduce pollution by…
Haryana Govt : Having car free Tuesdays
Gurgaonites : LOL.

*Every family brings their 4 cars on the road*


Haryana Govt : Car free Tuesdays

Auto guys : Yaay….

*Up their meter-free rates from double to triple*


Haryana Govt : Car free Tuesdays

Builders : Lol

*take their illegal construction material and dump it on Gurgaon Faridabad road*


Guy I live with : Today is car free Tuesday. Let us be part of the initiative.

Me : LOL. Says the guy who drives without a license


Haryana Govt : Car free Tuesdays

Beggars at the signals protest

Govt rolls back the initiative


Haryana govt: Car free Tuesdays
Honey Singh protests
Govt rolls back initiative


Haryana govt : Car free Tuesday
Beggars : Yaay… chutti… chutti

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