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The cook rang the doorbell. I have been looking for one for days. She demanded double the money I used to pay in Mumbai. I shooed her away. The cooking is not an issue- I am managing fine. B’fast is never a problem, lunch definitely is when I go to office. KC has a good office canteen while there is nothing around my office. Ordering out is damn expensive. Its not like a Mumbai where lunch for 50 bucks and less is available. There is nothing less than atleast 100 bucks. Thankfully, I have to go to office once a week.

Dinner does not seem hectic right now but I would love the free time. I return home by 7, start cooking by 8, we have dinner at around 9.30 and at 10 it is time for bed. And the whole cycle begins at 6.30 am the next day.
The Airtel DTH is finally done… after 2 weeks of calling and holding. It wasn’t done by the customer care. The Relationship center gave me the contact no of the local guys who actually install it.
This is the first time money is flowing out like water. Relocation is always expensive… no matter how much of it companies reimburse. Unforseen costs cannot be accounted for. I hate withdrawing cash ‘coz I know it will flow out the very next day.
Here are some things about Gurgaon:
  • There are little or no street lights in the city. It is like the government is encouraging crime… look, no lights… now go ahead and loot
  • All houses have maids… not just to clean but maids who stay with the family. Every morning when I leave the trash out I see all the other maids doing the same. Very embarrassing
  • Gear locks: A term we had not heard of in Mumbai. All cars have gear locks else the car may get stolen
  • The weather is awesome right now… nice breeze… lots of sandstorms… drizzles
  • People are completely unreliable. I had to call the laundry guy for a week and he has not yet turned up to pick up clothes. I have a huge pile for ironing. At 7 pm he tells me he is on his way… at 8 pm he is in the next building.. at 9 pm his phone is unreachable… at 9.30 pm I send KC to find him and get my clothes back. Tomorrow I need to find a reliable laundry fellow
  • The language is difficult.. it is Hindi but pure Hindi. Example, mirror is “kanch” for me in Hindi… here it is “sheesha”. Takes sometime to make the connection. Nobody uses sheesha in daily lingo. Right? The desi accent means I have to ask people to repeat themselves 2-3 times
Will be back with more updates and observations.

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