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I read amazing reviews about this one and convinced Khushi to accompany me for it. We watched it in Red Lounge on recliner seats…. so comfy.

The flick is good… my expectations were high since it is Anurag Kashyap… I wouldn’t label it better than Dev D but it is good… and very real.

It is about the transformation of one man from a diligent student to a raging lover… and about politics.
Anurag’s movies have newcomers who are brilliant actors… Kay Kay is fabulous… as always.
I didn’t like the end… specially the part where Kiran tells Dileep that she used him… in real life you get used and the other person does not confess.
If only we could get the answers to questions asked… maybe pointing the gun works. I will try that next time.
A good movie… worth a watch once… just once.

I remembered my engg days… LD is the political center of Gujarat… if you want to enter politics join the college, get voted as the G.S. That post is a first step to a successful political career. Lets call a guy G… he wanted to be G.S… he beat up the candidate in opposition and bagged the post since nobody was ready to stand against him. He failed 3-4 times… during an examination the invigilator caught him cheating… G caught his collar and pushed him out of the classroom. G was suspended. Next day when seniors reached colleges for their exams all classes were locked… G had locked the classrooms and refused to open them till his suspension was lifted. On 25th dec which was a holiday the top people of Gujarat University had a meeting and lifted his suspension. Everyone sighed in relief and went back to giving exams.

To cite another instance… it had been a month into the college. One week before Diwali Holidays some seniors entered our class and asked us to move out. We were surprised and refused. They came again and threatened everyone.. all of us gathered outside the classroom wondering what was going on. The seniors had declared a strike.. we learned later that having a strike a week before any festival was a tradition… we called it midterm…. anyway… one guy was vociferous in his opposition.. he was one of the studious guys. One senior slapped him in front of all of us… we were shocked… some females started crying. Our Prof arrived after sometime… everyone narrated the incident to him. He said; “Well… I can see that nothing happens to you all inside college… but outside college toh nobody can give any guarantee”. That was enough to shake us up.. we picked up our bags and bolted out of the college and returned only once the seniors wanted us to.

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