Gujarat Files by Rana Ayyub

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There is a lot of controversy on Twitter regarding this book. Apparently, mainstream media has not covered it’s launch. Rana Ayyub – a journalist with Tehelka stayed in Gujarat undercover pretending to be a US filmmaker shooting a movie about the state. She met many government employees – IAS officers, ministers, cops etc with the intent of uncovering what happened during the riots and in the fake encounter cases.
Let me warn you – this book isn’t very well written and is full of typos. Also, if you read the news you already know everything given in the book. It does not uncover any new facts. At the same time, reading quotes from the horse’s mouth is still shocking. Of course, all the confessions have been given once Rana gained the trust of the person who didn’t know she was a journalist.
I was glued to the book. The way politics works is scary and standing up for your principles leads to nothing but torture. Modi is the scariest man in the country and he is our PM. What does that say about the citizens?
The Gujarat riots are personal and reading about them makes me sick. How can one community hate another so much is beyond me. People who will accuse me of siding with the Muslims – none of the Muslims have come to me and bitched about Hindus but vice versa has happened more number of times than I can count. And the hating each other is for all communities.
Read this book if you know about Gujarat riots and if you don’t. If you think Modi is innocent, this book still won’t convince you otherwise but maybe, just maybe it will create a few doubts in your head.
If it helps, it is a quick read and will take a few hours only.

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