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When I had come to Mumbai as a kid with parents I was most excited about seeing a shooting. My masa (mom’s sister’s husband) took us to Film City where the guards would not let us enter. After a loooooooot of cajoling and persuading by masa they gave in (he is one of those people who never gives up). Unfortunately the only serial being shot then was ‘Chandrakanta’ (anyone remember it?). But I didn’t mind… Then I saw this guy who comes in serials… he was not a very known face but I recognized him- Sooraj Thapar. He was the only celebrity (if I can call him that) we came across on the trip… umm, no… no… there was another guy- Mehmood’s son. His first movie was about to release and the promos were everywhere. We spotted him in a cab.

Anyway, the reason I remembered this is…. I was in Andheri Lokhandwala today… Big Bazar at Mega Mall, to be specific. I came across Sooraj today shopping for groceries. Strange!!! Life comes a full circle.
For those who have never heard of him… here is a pic. I love google… it took me 5 mins to find him without being sure of the name.



7 thoughts on “Guess who I saw today

  1. @ KC- some corrections:
    Naugadh… vijaygadd mai thi takraar…
    Naugadhh ka tha jo raajkumaar…
    Chandrakantaaa se karta tha pyaaar

    @bul..even m not able to remember more than this…
    and the credit goes to you for taking down his(sooraj thaapar’s) market value further!!!
    wasnt he also thr in JJWS as one of the friends!! wait…or was he Sooraj thaapar in that character!

  2. This is Thapar… this was the guy I saw then and now.
    What is JJWS????? I don’t remember which serial he came in but he looks very familiar.

  3. Hey even I’ve met him.around 12-13years back..the guy was just getting famous with his serial called ‘ajnabee’ at that time…it had a very catchy jingle…ru ru ru ruroooooo…ru ruru ruuuu. They guy just couldn’t suggesting..arre aur photo le lijiye..check kar lijiyega theek se aayi hai ki nahin.

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