Growing up

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The last 15 days have been a daze. I have been mentally and physically exhausted. Work has kept me busy too… Not so much that I cannot come home on time but enough to keep me away from social media. It is not that I cannot manage or balance things but I hadn’t expected to be swamped.

So I took today off to catch up… On the household chores… And knock off some things on my to do list.

I also realised today that I don’t call anyone when am upset. I used to be the sort of person who had to say stuff there and then… And every detail of my life had to be discussed with friends.

Not anymore. I guess that is what growing up is all about? You realise that everything ends… That the world is bigger than your trivial problems… And you can switch off… You can take the car and pretend you are driving away from the problems for just sometime… You can laugh genuinely even when your mind is on other stuff.

I like this part about growing up. Nothing is THAT serious or important anymore.

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