Green to Brown

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My potted plants are dying… not all… mostly the flowering ones. KC suggested I talk to them morning and night. It should help. No… I didn’t try it. There is one plant which has creepers. It is nice to observe the creeping every evening.

Today I bought 2 more plants and warned the seller “If they die within a week I will return the dead plant to you”.
For the first time in Mumbai I bought veggies from the sabzi mandi. The Supermarket is a stone’s throw away and I hate going to crowded places to shop. But the sight of fresh veggies… much better than those in the Mall pulled me to the market. It was nice… so Indian.
I have been looking forward to Sunday… not that there are any plans… but it has been a hectic, tiring week.
The plan is to:
  • Clean the house
  • Oil my hair
  • Soak my feet in hot water to de-stress them
  • Prepare batter of pancakes and store it for the week
  • Prepare coconut chutney and store it
  • Watch a movie
  • Sleep
  • Try cooking chicken

Need to sleep….

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  1. Umm… I guess that would be taking it too far… even by my standards. Thanks for the suggestion… though.
    Have you personally tried it? Does it work?

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