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Just got promoted… not at work… at my dance class. Every month, students get promoted and move to the next level. There is no test to clear or fixed hurdle to cross. The decision is made by the instructor basis your improvement. It all depends on hard work…. and talent. I went to the class at my usual time today. The instructor asked the new students to introduce themselves and then the old students to do the same. When it was my turn, she asked; “What are you doing here? You got promoted. You need to join the new batch. Meet J for further details.”

Me: Huh?????????
I missed the last class since I was down with a stomach upset. I had no idea about the announcements made. On Monday, the instructors were planning to declare the promotions but then decided to do it in the last class of the month (Thursday). I wanted to get promoted… I have been hoping for it but I was not sure where I stand. I know I have improved but I still cannot do a full split and my preparations for pirouettes are shaky. I guessed, these were mandatory. Of course, I do pick up the steps much faster, remember them and actually enjoy the class. I can let go… feel comfortable in my body and just dance.
Every month students get promoted… some do after 3 months ‘coz they are hard working and more importantly, they have talent. While others may be around for a year or more. So, I was surprised to be promoted after 8 months. There are some students who have been around longer than me… so, I guess its a good thing. I can work hard… but not hard enough to get a full split (they are awfully difficult and I am convinced about my inflexibility)… and I completely lack talent.
Anyway, now comes the hard part… the higher level class is on Sundays 4.30-6.30 pm. That is the time KC and I generally head out. So, no more free Sundays. I like weekday classes ‘coz they refresh me… just what is needed after a hectic work day. I may join the gym again (yes, I have been absconding from there for 3 months now) on weekdays.
I am sooooo happy. I am still convinced I cannot dance… but I do enjoy dancing.

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