Goodbye, my friend. This is the end… For now

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Dear Nokia,

You were my first brand of phone. I remember slogging my ass off at a boring as fuck part time call centre job during college holidays for a 2nd hand phone – Nokia 3315. I have always owned a Nokia even while trying new brands for my 2nd (official) phone. And I have tried so hard…. So very hard to hold on despite everything – your switch to a Windows OS, takeover of Microsoft…. I still had faith. You have been like my first infatuation and I lost my phone virginity to you, making you special forever and ever.

It breaks my heart to do this but it’s time for goodbye. How do I know? Well, I have been using 2 apps for Facebook, 2 apps for Twitter, shitty app for good reads, living without half the features in runtastic pro, booking cabs on Uber but making the payment through my 2nd phone, getting you repaired every 6 months even though you are less than 2 years old and living without most of the apps available on IOS or android. Sure, your battery life surpasses everyone else’s and nobody can compete with the Instagram or nextgen reader apps. But it’s time to move on. I just cannot hang on any longer waiting for you to get a better OS and apps. I feel like a dinosaur without snapchat/telescope and not being able to use basic features of fb/Twitter (so important for someone who lives on social media 24/7).

Darling, it’s over but I promise I will be back as soon as you show any signs of revival. We will be reunited someday. Until then, think of my new phone as an arranged marriage where I won’t love it but hang on pining for you.


A brand loyalist who is moving to IOS because she doesn’t have the patience to figure out which Android phone suits her needs and budget.

Love you forever and ever until infinity.

I am not being dramatic. I will probably burst into tears while selling it off

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