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Hiya… I am writing this just before my phone starts ringing and the day begins as usual.

I woke up slightly earlier and went for a walk. I have been trying to do that for the last few days… but its only today I managed to wake up. It was a toss up between the gym or a walk. I decided to walk… enjoy the morning air… and make waking up on time a routine before joining a gym. No point in paying and then not going regularly.
Its nice to hear the silence… only the birds chirping… some kids learning karate under the trees… men washing cars… some couples taking a walk… others buying milk or veggies… maids walking dogs… so different from Mumbai. This does not feel like a metro… it feels like a tier 2 city… a place where people have a life… where everyone is not running. And I completely appreciate it. I love the fact that there are trees everywhere… that cars are not trying to run me over everywhere… that life can be as slow as I want it to be.
There are cons too… the trees look monstrous at night without any street lights… that I can be kidnapped or raped after dark without anyone being able to hear me… etc etc etc.
But right now…. it feels good. And I appreciate this morning… no matter what the rest of the day brings.

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