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I hate writing titles… after thinking about what to write in a post I have to find an apt title. When I wrote poetry as a teenager another friend made up titles for them.

Good morning!!! It rained… again. And that is so nice.Wish I could say KC and I took a walk in the nice weather. He is still sleeping… I am awake ‘coz of the cook.
The weekend was good. Friday night was spent in TGIF drinking, watching cricket with KC and his friend. We had to pick him up from his guesthouse and I am getting familiar with the roads. The only problem is either people don’t know the roads ‘coz they are new or lie. Not kidding. They lie confidently. We make it a point to ask 2-3 people.
I tried steak for the first time and had a tough time. I am superficial non veg eater. I grew up with fish but never involved myself into the details. Chicken came into my life in college. I do not like red meat like goat. It is tough to chew…. sea food was out when I tried squids… gross, slimy creatures… bacon/pork is tolerable but once in a while on my pizza. I follow the food blogger ‘Kalyan’ (on the side bar) and admire how he has eaten everything- pork, beef, chicken, meat, fish, sea food, kangaroo, frog legs. Wow!!! Anyway, he would have liked the flavours of the steak (he blogged about it some few months back) but I couldn’t appreciate the flavour.
KC spent Saturday with his friends drinking which lasted all day and night. It started with Bauji ka dhaba at Metropolitan Mall… moved to happy hours in Rodeo next door. We headed to CP at night. This was my first time driving on Delhi roads… AB gave directions on the phone. The roads are sexy without traffic… the road signs were helpful till we almost reached there. We got confused among the 4-5 circles… people lied about the directions again. We went to the rooftop restaurant China Wok for drinks. AB picked me up and we headed to Cibo at Hotel Janpath while KC and his friends moved to another lounge.
Cibo is sexy…. huge screen for the match (not the attraction), tables laid out on a cobbled path, open air, nice lights, a fountain bang in the middle. I wanted to try the Italian food but AB was keen on some chicken curry. After drinks we headed to National on CP. You have to try either National or Kake da dhaba for some non veg. The prices are low. We had 2 plates of chicken curry (very very spicy) and 4 rotis for 280 bucks only. And the food was good. I have never seen anyone eat non veg with so much passion. AB sucked out everything and only looked up when carcasses were left.
Today we will relax. I have an early morning flight to Mumbai for a training. Looking forward to meeting my old colleagues.

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