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Spoilers ahead… avoid this post if want to watch the movie or read the book.

I cannot remove the movie or the book out of my head. KC and I left the theatre in a daze. ‘Did that actually happen?’ On the screen, we meant, not in real life.

When I was reading the book… it made sense. Wouldn’t you want to frame your partner and send him/her to prison or even death if he/she cheated on you? I would. Unfortunately, I don’t hold grudges long enough to actually put so much effort. I believe the best revenge is to pretend like the person does not exist. So, yeah… its definitely not like me. But… I would like it to be. I mean, its the perfect revenge.

And Nick was an asshole… all the way. He got lazy… he cheated on Amy for more than a year while she was taking care of his mother… and then didn’t have the guts to ask for a divorce. Such a man deserved it. Except… Amy is crazy. She does not want to divorce him which is strange.

I loved the lines; “What are you thinking? What have we done to each other?”

I remember people telling me- Marriage is very different from dating. Its not all fun and frolic. Yes, its not. But thats a good thing. Things do change after marriage… but then so does every relationship. Friendships of 1 year are different from those of 5 years and people who know us forever… well, there is a different comfort in that. The 1 year friendship has more excitement since there is more to discover and talk and do but the friendships which have been forever… are more comforting… like chicken soup on a cold winter’s day or a book you read over and over and over again.

Its a good thing that relationships evolve… change… mature… and sometimes end.

I am reading the book- Salt, Sugar, Fat : How the Food Giants Hooked Us.

It is about how salt, sugar and fat are used by food companies to make our food tastier and less nutritious. It is alarming. It is one thing to say- well, we think this tastes good and another to pay for research to figure out how the food can be tastiest and cheapest making it least nutritious. When I was in college I bought frozen parathas and told my mom how great it is that we don’t have to make rotis again. The parathas were yuck but I didn’t mind. Years of eating in a mess had lowered by standards when it came to food. But now more and more I am moving back towards regular food, avoiding packaged food. I wouldn’t even dream of buying the cut vegetables that are a common sight in hypermarkets. It helps that we have help in India. Its not like the US where packaged food is a norm.

But we are getting there. Multiplexes sell super sized cold drinks now just like in USA. Don’t you want to slap the guy who says “Can I give you a large size Pepsi/Coke for an extra 10 bucks?” No, you doofus… I am not stupid. And sizes in USA have to be seen to be believed. My sis had taken us for b’fast at IHope (one the most famous b’fast placed) at New York (or was it closer to New Jersey) and we were gobsmacked by the quantity of food and drinks. They were humongous. The person I know with the largest appetite has to be my brother and even he could not finish all of it. How does a normal American eat so much? Its scary to think that few years from now India could be serving such sizes.

Nowadays in India, everything is packaged… from cutlets (which we can make at home in a jiffy) to coconut water to curd to milk to… everything. KC had been talking about making curd at home. I have never made curd at home because the packaged one is easily available. Who is going to boil milk then cool it then add curd to it and wait for it to set? Not me, I thought. But then last week I had time and decided to try it. I googled the instructions (technology- another thing in our life which is pretty much useless)… instead of calling family/friends for the directions I googled… It took me less than 10 mins to follow directions. The curd was ready the next day and it tastes so good. No salt.. no preservatives… just curd which takes me back to my childhood days.

Yes… I do work in a food company and it uses a whole lot of sugar. I have lots and lots and lots of candies at my desk at any point of time and some days it is difficult to resist. But atleast its not my job to decide on how much sugar/fat.. atleast not yet.

Few weeks back KC’s relative’s relative had come home for some work. He travels a lot but is based out of Mumbai. He asked us why we don’t move abroad. I told him; “I am not moving anywhere where I cannot afford a cook and a maid… and even a nanny if/when/if ever/whenever we have a kid”. When you move countries… you don’t just change your location… you also change your entire life… friends, family, support system, language, culture… its a new everything. No no… I am not against moving. Its just that when life is so comfortable (after years of hard work) why uproot it.

I love to travel. I am proud of the fact that I have traveled not only to all regions of India but explored the smallest towns during my sales stint. My favorite part of the job was getting on a bus. This was before we used our phones obsessively to browse the internet. The only access to mails was through the laptop whose data card who would not work everywhere. On the bus I was trapped with a bad movie (watched Ghajini 4 times… Chup Chup ke atleast 4 times… I should have started carrying the CD of a good movie with me) and my thoughts. And it was good. Life was good. KC and I want to cover every touristy destination in India. Few weeks back an acquaintance asked me ‘Which is one place I want to visit?’ I couldn’t think of anything… destinations like Paris/New Zealand/Bali and stuff did not even come to my mind. I will be visiting those… thats a given. Everyone does.

I replied “Kaziranga National Park”. And it is… how awesome would it be to see a rhino in the wild (not technically a wild but as close to wild as I can get).

His answer “Back packing through Europe”. Suddenly I felt sad I didn’t have a cooler answer.

So yeah people… I am not cool… but I knew that already. And frankly, neither are you, if you are reading this blog.


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  1. ha ha ha ” Neither are you if you are reading the blog ”

    And i have a very similar thinking about moving abroad, if i cant afford a maid ,cook/nanny, and definately an Iron guy. I can do everything in life EXCEPT ironing my clothes ๐Ÿ˜› . and i love ironed clothes ๐Ÿ˜›

    whats the point . I have stayed in US with my Sis in law ( she has two kids) , life is a mess for her . with 9 hours of job and then two kids at home. It was WOW.
    i told her i cant take this muuch stress and work round the clock , No time for herself at all. anyways . its the thinking :).

    Watched gone girl. really good movie, But i was thinking what if they would have told everything which Amy did at a little later stage. It would have been so much more fun ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hey … sorry. I missed replying to this comment. If Gone Girl was made like that, it would have super duper scary. The married guys would have run off within an hour.

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