Girls of Riyadh

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What a book!!! I picked it up on an impulse and loved it. The story is not extra-ordinary but the way it is written adds charm.
The book is about the lives of 4 Saudi girls… their lives, feelings, desires, search for love etc.

Books I have read recently- Girls of Riyadh, White tiger, Delhi etc do not tell a unique story… the way the story is presented is captivating.
I guess life is like that… what you do is not imp… how you package it is. There are people who put in a lot of effort into everything they do… every ppt, every analysis, every little detail is perfect. I am not like that. I don’t care… maybe it is not the way to lead my life… but who cares. Will I remember the stupid ppt or analysis at my death bed? Sure… an imperfect ppt could lead to an imperfect career… but hell… who cares?

How to pick a good book?

  • If you have access to a library these points are not for you… if you buy books then picking the right one is very important… books don’t come cheap… not at all
  • Picking a book is as personal as buying lingerie… what is preferred by one may not be comfy for another
  • I do not fall for ‘Best sellers’… Chetan Bhagat’s books are best sellers… he writes like a 10 year old… his only saving grace is the story on IIT… Indians are proud of IIT and IIM… every parent wants their kid to either enter these institutes or marry people passing out of them (I talk through experience)… there are many more who have penned down similar stories… avoid such books
  • Awards do not lure me…
  • I generally read the summary behind the book… if that appeals to me I read the first 1-2 pages. Sometimes the summary is good but the writing is horrible… this is especially true for ‘chick lit’ novels. These days a lot of Indian females are writing about love and arranged marriage… most of these books are crap
  • Recommendations from friends (and from my blog) are the best ways to read/buy books… I have not yet come across a failed recommendation

Anyway… ciao… next book is ‘The Duchess’… hope that lasts a week atleast.

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