Getting closer to my goal

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I got my BMA done today and well, I am on the right track right now. The weight has started dropping steadily… 1 kg fat loss in 15 days is quite good. How did it happen?

– I have started working out twice a day… even if it is only 20-30 mins. This has helped very much. There have been days when the schedule was not followed… but thats ok…

– I have increased the weight I was lifting. I can see the results… there are baby muscles forming in my arms and it feels good. The only problem is I gained only 200 gm in 15 days and the target is 1.5 kg. I think the long runs are using my muscles but I cannot stop since am training for the half marathon.

– I was not very strict with my diet these 15 days… specially in the last 1 week. I didn’t plan the menu last weekend and food menu was quite ad hoc. But, I have not over indulged- no pizzas or desserts. Also, my portions have become smaller and smaller. I eat less now… even when eating my favourite foods.

I plan to keep it up and maybe change the workout routine a little bit.

On Saturday, we went for breakfast to Park Plaza. The buffet was not too great but it wasn’t too bad either. I bought the 50% discount coupons from groupon… didn’t even know these are genuine. A Rs 700 buffet cost Rs 350 per head which is quite a deal. Groupon has many such deals for everything…. apparels, gyms, restaurants, holidays etc. I plan to use these more often. Whats not to like about genuine discounts at good restaurants?

Today was a Jazz class at Danceworx where we could bring friends/family along for a free class and I took KC along. I talk about it all the time and wanted him to see it once for himself. It was fun… not very strenuous… but good fun.

Thats it then… Ciao.

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