Fuck all Mumbai

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One weekend in Mumbai and I know why I don’t like this city. It makes me feel trapped. It has a very New York feel to it where the skyscrappers block the sky.

I feel trapped among the concrete and even when am outdoors, that feeling does not go away. Yesterday was the first time I didn’t get a high from a 10 km run. It felt like a chore, there was no joy or exhilaration to it. I didn’t want to think too much about it then but now I know. Even though I ran outdoors, at Marine Drive, the sea looked trapped. Just like pretty much everything here. One doesn’t get the sense of outdoors like in Delhi or even Gurgaon.

I have no interest in contacting people and meeting up. That wasn’t the case in Delhi/Gurgaon, where am always up for a meet up atleast once (if not more). Say what you will, I find people friendlier in Delhi/Gurgaon. Not so much in this city.

I thought I need to slow down and stop but that is worse. I need to keep moving. This isn’t a city one can stop and stare.

I was at Oval Maidan yesterday and couldn’t believe this is THE Oval Maidan I had heard so much about. There was trash collected at 2 ends, beggars, rickety benches, no dustbins. Is this how the city maintains it’s green spaces? Is this the best the city can do? When I called it the poor man’s Lodi gardens on instagram, the Mumbaikers were up in arms. There lies the problem. The citizens are like zombies who don’t seem to see the inefficiencies or the potential the city has. They are so grateful for any open space, they don’t realise this isn’t good enough. They have stopped demanding. I am pretty sure more open space wasn’t in the manifesto of any politician during the elections. Don’t defend the city, question. it That’s what it needs.

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