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I look at the friends closest to me and realize that most of them are from recent past. I wonder why.

Is it ‘coz I have more in common with them now???
Is it ‘coz of the circumstances? After all, distance does make it difficult to keep in touch.
Is it ‘coz of the inclination and effort put into keeping in touch?
There are some things that are important… regular phone calls, sharing, caring, remembering important days like birthdays etc.
Earlier I was a 2 am friend…. friends could call me anytime (unless I was in class) and I would be available. That has become next to impossible now… I cannot give time to personal calls during work hours, nights are for sleep… that leaves a window in evening after work and before bed.
Facebook, blogs, mails, chat are great for catching up… but they cannot replace the personal touch.
I tried chatting with an old friend today… there was a time when we were close and now I could not find any topic to chat on. It was so weird I felt sad.
And then there are some people I can strike up friendship with anytime… last month I met a friend I lost in touch with 4 yrs back. We clicked immediately.
There are other friends who only call when they need something and it pisses me off.
There are friends who I am not in touch with (except through fb) and yet they are in my thoughts and memories.
Friendships can be more complex than a relationship especially ‘coz they come in so many forms.
I was watching Sex and the city Season 4. I love and hate this season the most… love it ‘coz Carrie gets back with Aiden… hate it ‘coz they break up. There are some similarities in Carrie’s and my life. But then there must be many women thinking the same. So I guess my life is no different from many others… which is comforting.
I am watching ‘A Christmas Carol’. Thankfully, it has been adapted well without many deviations. I do not like classics being tampered with. I love reading books like Little Women, A Christmas Carol, David Copperfield etc. And I absolutely love Shakespeare. I was fortunate to read atleast one original play- Merchant of Venice. It broke my heart when I watched ‘Romeo and Juliet’ starring Leonardo. Instead of the balcony scene between R and J they were smooching in the swimming pool. Romance was replaced by lust. Lust is not bad but we see enough of it… it is romance that is rare… in movies and in real life.
Adieu with that thought.

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