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In the end most things work out well. And those that don’t teach us a thing or two.

A friend, about who I have bitched about a lot on this blog, is getting married. And I am really, really, deeply happy for him. It’s something that he wanted for a long time but for one reason or the other his past relationships have not worked out.

It’s not a love marriage and not completely an arranged one either. Somewhere in between, like a lot of marriages these days. Personally, I am not an arranged marriage person. All the adjusting to family and husband home and shit is not my thing. But I think it’s a good option when you cannot find someone on your own but want to get married. And if you are a guy, all the benefits are yours. I have seen quite a few friends who decided to go for arranged marriage because past relationships didn’t work out. And they seem to be doing fine.

But what I was most happy about was that he called me and shared the news. We are not big on sharing minor problems or even meeting regularly. And yet I know if I call him for anything he will be there. Is that friendship? Or is friendship about meeting regularly and casually? I don’t know. Can I call R my friend? How do I define friendship?

Right now… Anyone I call and discuss my problems with is my friend. Someone asked me today how many friends I have? I could come up with 3-4 names only. Yes, there are only 3-4 people who I would call for help. In fact, there are only 3-4 people I would call at all. I am not big on calling.

Even though I have 2 phones- personal as well as official. The only reason I have a personal number is so that when I bitch about colleagues and bosses the sms does not reach them by mistake. Yes, I have done that. While bitching about a senior on sms to KC I accidentally sent that sms to the senior. I should write a post on the stupidest things I have ever done. That’ll be one amusing post.

But I am digressing.

R and I were sitting around the tennis court and talking. I told him I would like to come home and meet his parents. They have shifted to Gurgaon few months back and I hadn’t met them yet. The only reason I wanted to say ‘Hello’ is because I have met them earlier and they know me. The visit was overdue and now seemed like the best time to do it. The discussion turned towards Ahmedabad. R and his family were in A’bad before they moved back to their native place. On a recent visit to the city they were shocked by all the changes and we started reminiscing about old times.

R and I met on chat and then met up in person when I got to know he was a senior in my engineering college. His chat name was Lolo and because he was a hostelite we ended up getting teased a lot. One day there was a concert in college lawns around 8 pm. The in house college band was supposed to play. All the girls took a night out from the government hostel to attend the concert. My parents had an empty but furnished house in A’bad so I had planned to stay the night there. When we reached college, we realized the concert had been cancelled because the band could not get permission. It was already 8 pm and the hostel gates would be closed. So we could not go back. My then bf could not come for the concert because his parents had banned his outing for the night. He was super pissed to see me with a group of 10-15 guys and girls at night with nowhere to go. Anyway, we all headed to Drive in theatre where we watched a crappy movie in the balcony. Drive in theatre is where you drive your car in and watch movies in the open. It’s super cool. At midnight, we didn’t know where to go. Since the hostel gates opened at 6 am, we had 6 hours to kill. It was decided that we would all head to my house instead of roaming around on the streets. The night was spent playing cards, eating chips fried by me since there was nothing else to eat. And R helped me wash the utensils later.

He is the only guy I know who will help you wash utensils.

And no matter what ups and downs our friendship goes through, this is something I will always remember.

I wish him a very happy married life and hope all his hopes and dreams are fulfilled.

And yes, wish him a fucking good sex filled life June onwards.


7 thoughts on “Friendship… marriage… college…

  1. I rarely read people’s blogs, but somehow ended up reading this one.
    Is this the supposed Rock concert at LD in the first / second year? I remember I came by, and the concert never happened. I believe u ppl went to drive-in; I can’t remember I joined or not..
    That was probably the last time we met in person before we met in Bangalore..

    Anyways, Congratulations to ‘R’ and wish him a happy married life!..

    • NOW I remember everything clearly. I had invited to the concert (because I had a tiny crush on you when we were in school) but when you turned up it was cancelled. And you went back home.
      And no, that’s not when we met for the 1st time. We were in chemistry tuitions for 2 yrs.
      Thanks for reading the blog and commenting. Honour is all mine.

      • Oops. I met that wasn’t the last time. I think we met once or at least we planned to meet when I was in college. I had viva that day. But since I don’t recall meeting you, I guess this was the last time till B’glore.

  2. Lol.. I meant the last time before Bangalore, not the first time.. of course we did have Chemistry tuitions! šŸ˜€
    Do u know that Dr. Vikram Panchal has a cameo in the movie `Kevi rite jaish’?

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