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The other day while talking about AIB roast on twitter (Sorry people, twitter is going to be mentioned a lot on this blog for now) with someone, I told this guy ‘If only you knew how many friendships have broken up over the debate about the roast’.

He (Varun) said something which I have been thinking over quite a bit ‘Friendships anyway need to be tested annually’.

It struck me. I always assumed friendship was for life. I have never ever ‘tested’ any of my friends. There are people who have been around and others who haven’t. Like, am unable to contact a best friend. She does not answer anyone’s phone calls. Her sister has no explanation why she has cut herself off from all her friends. I still thought of her as my ‘best friend’ till Varun made that statement. That’s when I realized- we haven’t been friends for a very long time now.

Friendship is not only about who you care for… it is also who cares for you back. Am not saying I don’t make new friends. I do. Every year. They are mostly colleagues who I have become close to.

And then there are friends I have gotten back in touch with and things start where we left off. Sometimes it has lasted and at other times there was a reason we initially lost touch.

I guess it’s time to ‘test’ friends and make a new list of ‘best friends’. And this list needs to be made every year.

Having been friends once upon a time does not count anymore. It’s a simple thing but I have never thought like this before.

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