Friends Vs How I met your mother

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  • A unique series about 6 friends… 3 gals… 3 guys. Everyone can identify with atleast one character
  • Can be watched over and over and over and over again
  • The episodes are not continuous due to which any episode can be watched anytime
  • There is no suspense … everyone knows Ross and Rachel will end up together and Chandler and Monica will live happily ever after
  • Friends who hook up (have sex) end up together

How I met your mother:

  • A series about 5 friends who spend every night in a bar
  • But the series is not about all 5 of them… it is about Ted and his search for his wife… very innovative
  • There is loads of suspense…. Ted has not met his to-be-wife even in season 5. I am dying to know who she is
  • Watching re-runs are not so much fun
  • I don’t think anyone can identify with any character in the series… Barney??? No ways… Marshall??? Too mushy mushy… Lilly? Too perfect… Robin??? Too hard hearted… Ted??? Too romantic
  • Friends who hook up do not always end up together… (Robin and Ted, Robin and Barney)


Barney is the ultimate character… Neil Patrick Harris is not as good looking as he was as a teenager (Doogie Howser M.D) but has done an awesome job in the series. I doubt anyone could have played it so well.
Which one do you like?

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8 thoughts on “Friends Vs How I met your mother

  1. And the best part is that Neil Patrick Harris is gay 🙂 It must be so hard to play his role. Also he is a gemini and I have a long list of gay gemini people. Its just the start of a theory of mine… Anyway I like FRIENDS anyday over How i… Somehow the latter is just not as funny.
    – Sahana

  2. @ Nanana: Hey… nice to have you here. I didn’t know Neil is gay. If I had to a series over and over again… it would be friends… but I am hooked to HIMYM for the suspense

    @ Maverik: Totally. I have not yet watched Big Bang Theory and 2 and a half men.

  3. Everybody loves Raymond. I soooooo identify with him. Finicky, misfit, synical, sircastic and tempramental all rolled up in 1 psycho.

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