French Manicure… another mountain conquered

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French manicure is all the rage now. I remember trying it years ago and getting my nails all messed up. I gave up, deciding it was not worth the trouble.
Btw, French manicure is a unique way of applying nail paint. Instead of applying nail paint all over the nails in the same color, you color the tips white and apply nude colors on top. They do look classy.
Seeing so many girls sporting them, I thought it cannot be so bad. Can it?
I succeeded last night.
Here is the step by step process:
  1. Clean your nails, dip them in warm water to soften the cuticles. You can skip the step but it was my manicure day anyway. File nails, preferably in a square shape. Square is in and looks good with FM
  2. Apply a base coat. Base coat is a nail paint in clear color. It generally protects the nails from harm from the chemicals in pigmented nail colors. It prevents yellowing of nails. In French Manicure, it gives the nails a nice base. You can use any brand… every brand has a clear nail paint. I have Oriflame.
  3. Apply white color on tips of nails. Start from one end and finish off at the other end. The white color is not a regular one. You get special white tips for FM. I have Inglot. Lotus and Oriflame are other brands which have white tips. You can also buy a FM kit which has step by step instruction. Let it dry.

4. Apply nude color to the nails. Nude colors can be white, pink or beige. I have used pink. Let it dry

5. Apply top coat. Let it dry

Ta…da… it looks good from far but is not very neat in close up. But thats ok… I don’t let anyone get any close ups… 🙂

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