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During a conversation with a friend/acquaintance last week he made an interesting statement. He said that women like foreplay even in their friendships while men don’t really care. I realised that he was right.

Before all of you will comment with #notallmen, let me put a disclaimer for this post “#notallmen #notallwomen #somewomen #somemen”.

This is what happened a few weeks back. I put my work related travel on hold in April because there were more important things to do. When I was in Mumbai, KC would hang out with his friends/colleagues on weekdays playing badminton or hanging out at the food trucks. This stopped once I moved back. After 2 months of ignoring his friends, he met them when I started travelling.

Me : So, you just picked up the phone, called your friends after 2 months of ignoring them and you guys went out?

Him : Yep

Me : And they didn’t nag you about ignoring them once your wife moved back?

Him : Nope

Me : And they had no issues meeting you after 2 months of complete silence?

Him : Yep

Me : I would NEVER do that

Maybe it is me. Maybe I just have high standards for people. Maybe I like consistency and every interaction should enhance my relationship with a person. Maybe I prefer if the time spent with a person translates into a deeper friendship. Maybe I don’t like the idea that someone wanted to hang out with me because they were bored or because they didn’t have anyone else to hang out with. Maybe the payoff for putting on a bra and stepping out of the house is a big deal. Maybe I prefer it if someone spends time with me because they WANT to; over anything else they could be doing.

I guess this is also why I don’t have too many friends. Because my expectations are too high and intense.

Men, on the other hand, love hanging out with bros. They just pick up the phone and make last minute plans. They don’t compare conversations with friends with the discomfort of putting on a bra.

Maybe that is what it is. Not nurture. Or nature. Just the bra.

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Basically, if you ask me to “hang out”, I will have the “where is this going?” conversation in my head. And with you. Because I got no chill. And foreplay is the best. Even in friendships. And it is important. Sometimes as important as the orgasm. Actually, there is no orgasm without foreplay.

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