Food >>>>>> Music >>>> Stand up comedy…. or not…

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Despite my being so un-social I do end up doing a whole lot of fun things and trying something new in my life. Maybe because am not wasting my time hanging out with people pretending to like them.

Oooooohhhhhh…. burn

Last Thursday, I decided to celebrate Ganesh Chathurthi (hahahhahaha… kidding) by attending Faridkot live at Hard Rock Cafe. They played at our workshop and I was blown away. I have waiting for them to play somewhere close so I can listen to them again. Then, I got to know Kenneth Sebastian is performing at Manhattan on Thursday. Which is so unfair. All the popular stand up comedians have gotten busy with their shows, performing abroad, videos etc etc that nobody cares about coming to Gurgaon anymore. And then, Zomato invited me to their food meetup for a Pakistani food festival happening in Singh Sahib at Nehru Place and I decided to attend it.

This is what my preference list looked like.

Food >>>> Faridkot >>>> Kenneth Sebastian

I left home, not so promptly, at 6 pm and was stuck in traffic at MG road. So, I drove through Gurgaon and came to NH8 which was clogged and it was already 7 pm. It would take me another an hour and a half to reach Nehru Place and by then the meet would probably be almost over and I would have to drive back for an hour. The thought of driving so much on a weekday with TRX class looming on Friday morning was not very tempting. So, I took a U turn and headed back to Gurgaon with the intent of attending Faridkot live. But it was only 7 pm and they would start playing at 9 pm. Since am not a drinker, I cannot kill 2 hours with liquor and cyberhub isn’t a place you can sit with your book. The only option left was Manhattan where the show started at 8 pm and it would take me atleast 30 mins to reach. So, that is what I ended up doing. Despite the place being completely booked, I managed to get a table for 1 and no, I wasn’t sharing the table.

The comedians that night were Angad, Karthik Kumar and Kenny. Angad is really funny but Karthik is intelligent. He is the probably a comedian with the most intelligent jokes and so, so, so, so funny. Kenny seemed like the weakest link in the group till he picked up his guitar.

One guy who can play a guitar and croon like Enrique >>>>>>>>>>> A funny guy

So, yeah, alone or with company, I find ways to have fun. And many times, I end up doing the same things but hey, as long as it’s fun. Right?


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