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For KC’s b’day we went to TGIF for dinner. He picked the place. I was not too pleased about celebrating at a regular haunt. So, I picked the restaurant for my b’day. It was Tonino located on Mehrauli road. We have passed by the place many times and it looks extremely quaint from outside. Online reviews said that the food is good but expensive. The restaurant serves authentic Italian food. It has seating outdoors, indoors and on the terrace. We were seated outside since it was not too hot but a more pleasant weather would have helped us enjoy the meal. The area is surrounded by trees, plants and lamps are hung everywhere. The ambience is as good as Olive (Bandra and B’glore). The menu is not very exhaustive and we ordered chicken sausage with mash potatoes as starters. They were ok. We have had better sausages at Potpourri (Inorbit Mall, Vashi). We used to visit PP everytime KC was in Mumbai- sometimes every week and have only the sausages. We have not tried anything else there.
Anyway, for main course we ordered a sphagetti in red sauce with veggies. After 10 mins of waiting, the waiter told us our food will be ready in 10 mins. WTF!!! Thankfully, it was a b’day dinner and we were in no hurry to reach home (though it was a weekday). On a regular day, I would have been very irritated. The thing is when KC and I go out for food, our aim is to eat food… not lounge around or spend time together. We can do that at home. So, when service is slow it can get bugging. Anyway, the pasta was ok. We have had better (Amici Cafe in Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj food court and Select Citywalk mall serves the best pasta). We ordered a melting chocolate with amretto and ice cream for dinner. It was yummilicious. There was a chocolate covering (a little on the bitter side made with some kind of flour) with melted chocolate inside (not too sweet, not too bitter) and ice cream and amretto on the side. I loved that the outer covering was bitter and balanced very well by the chocolate and ice cream. A very unique dessert. I would visit the place again only for the ambience and maybe dessert. The food is strictly ok and a dish costs 600 bucks which is pricey.

Today, we went to Drift for a Sunday brunch- its something we have wanted to do for a very long time. Drift is a restaurant at Epicentre which is the cultural center of Gurgaon. Plays, musical shows, workshops etc are conducted here. It is equivalent to Indian Habitat Center in Delhi. We had dinner there few months back and loved the food. The brunch is from 11 am- 3 pm and covers b’fast as well as lunch. It was an exhaustive selection- juices (Tropicana), cold cuts of meat, breads, cheese, bakery items, idlis, eggs, waffles/pan cakes, sausages, grilled pork, noodles, rice, chicken gravy, mutton gravy, honey potatoes, sandwiches, parathas (all kinds), fish, noodles, pastries, fruits etc. Everything was there. I don’t think I could have asked for more. I just wish they had fresh juices instead of packaged ones. We ate so much- we were full all day. No kidding. I thought I am going to burst. Amazing. Must try.

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  1. Man, you seem to be the next author of Times Food Guide, or WTF Food Guide :P. I need to consult you the next time I am visiting Delhi/Gurgaon! Your post makes me long for “indianized” food, even if it is continental dishes 🙂

  2. Hahahaha… Please do… Are you trying to say that we do not get good “continental food” in India? There are so many places where you get authentic continental food. I still have not tried a lot of places like Old Dilli… I have only touched the tip of the iceberg. Long way to go. 🙂

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