Food I have not touched/smelled/eaten in 15 days

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  • Potatoes… once my staple diet is off limits
  • Cheese… Imagine eating Italian without it
  • Butter…
  • White Bread… Brown bread it is
  • Rice for dinner… it is allowed for lunch
  • Maggi… I never believed I could survive without it
  • Chocolates… Once upon a time my fridge was always filled with chocolates
  • French fries… A staple at Mc D… If placed in front of me I might give in and have 1-2 fries… but thats it… never more
  • Chicken Mc Grill… Zinger burger… The fear of calories keeps me miles away from the outlets
  • Pizzas… Once a part of my diet 1-2 times in a month
  • Ice creams… I have a whole box of ice creams in the freezer which will have to be thrown away soon. It was my saviour during summer
  • Ghee… not even on rotis
  • Sweet corn ready made soup

But… it is worth it. 🙂

If only I told you what I was actually eating… yes, yes I am allowed to eat.

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