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I wanted to write about some restaurants we have visited in the last few weeks:

  • Barbeque Nation: I have been to the Bandra and Thane outlets. Finding the outlet in Gurgaon was a major pain. It is located in a residential area so my GPRS could not locate it correctly. And asking for directions is not an option here since most people do not belong to Gurgaon. After searching for 45 mins, we found it and it was full. There was some private party and waiting was for atleast an hour. Starved and pissed, we turned back. But some other day. Btw, it is located 15 mins away from my house
  • Crazy Noodles: I had seen the board at Galleria but never tried it. The place is quite different… it has a glass exterior. The walls are all glass and the view is quite good since it is located on the 1st floor. They have these funky glasses which stay tilted. For a place called “Crazy Noodles” there is very little variety in noodles. We had stir fried noodles and liked it. A place we will visit again ‘coz it cost less than 500 bucks for 2 people
  • Choko La: I have walked by this place many, many times ‘coz I thought it sells chocolates. I entered it in Subhashnagar mall and ordered the tiny, expensive cup cake- cream, cheese and cherry cupcakes. It has a cherry stuffing and cream cheese topping. Lovely. Pricey at 90 bucks. This Sunday we went for their all day b’fast. Good part is that the b’fast is not till 11 am… but all day. We ordered omlette, scrambled eggs, toast, muffin, croissant, tea and juice. Omlette was great… scrambled eggs were served with a parmesan wafer on top and mushrooms on the side… masterchef quality. The muffin was nice and warm. We had a filling b’fast and it cost less than 500 bucks for 2 people. We will go there again… maybe, every month.
  • Asia 7: This restaurant is located in Ambience Mall. The first time we went there, we had the buffet and it sucked. The problem with most buffets is that most items are mediocre and the menu has items which will appeal to most. In Gurgaon, we stay away from buffets after 2-3 bad experiences. This time we went a la carte, we had Thread chicken with cherry dip. It was masterchef quality… a really, soft juicy chicken was covered with threads of wheat batter. The dip was a good complement. For main course, we had Pad Thai noodles. It was genuine with the bean sprouts and peanuts. Please don’t try the cocktails there- we didn’t finish ours and wasting liquor hurt our pocket bad. Cost is 1700 for 2 people with liquor.
All in all, a good food experience in the last one month.

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