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I had ordered pizza from Crusty’s at Galleria few months back after reading their review on zomato. And what a pizza it was. Peri peri chicken. It made me fall in love with the peri peri flavour after the disaster called ‘Nando’s’. They also delivered the coconut gelato which was yum. I, of course, gave them a great review on Zomato. Pizzas are banned in the house so ordering again was out of the question. When I met Pri few months back we headed to Crusty’s for a snack but they only had delivery.

Now Crusty’s has opened a dine in at Galleria and I was invited to the opening on 5th April. We were supposed to return from Corbett and I was hoping we could drop by in the evening. As it happens, we returned on Saturday and decided to have lunch there on Sunday. I was not excited about the free food, spending 1000-1500 bucks on a meal is no big deal. But this was the first outlet opening I was invited to. We met the owner, Nikita; the chef and Nikita’s friends. The next one hour was a gastronomic pleasure… the pizzas kept coming… we tried their mojitos and they are the best… the gelato shake was ok though. While we were leaving, Nikita asked us to stay for some more time and have the dessert. It was a crust filled with hazelnut chocolate. Oh god!!! I died and went to heaven.


My favourite pizza places in Gurgaon are Crusty’s and Fat Lulu’s. Yep, I do eat pizzas; just not very often.

Citibank Restaurant Week

I love this concept. People like me hate to spend 4-5k over a meal. What’s the point? I’d rather spend that money at my gym. So everytime KC suggests we got to a 5 star for a meal, am reluctant. And then imagine not liking the food you spend so much money on? Yep, it happens. We did not like the food at Dal Bukhara at ITC.

That is where Citibank Restaurant Week is helpful. For Rs 1000-1300 per head you can eat a meal at a 5 star. The only catch is… it is from a fixed menu. Last year, we tried out House of Ming, Taj and Dakshin, Sheraton. The food at both places was superb though the service at the latter was not too great.

This year, I have booked a table at Dum Pukht- one of our favourite places. We had a meal at this place in 2013 on our anniversary. I had flown down from Mumbai specially for the anniversary and we had driven straight to the restaurant from the airport. The food was very good and we want to go there again… on our anniversary which is this Saturday. Unfortunately, we have been waitlisted and I hope I can emotionally blackmail them into giving me a table.

*Don’t rush to wish us… I am working this Saturday so celebration will be the dinner. We had planned to travel to Bandhavgarh but there were no safaris available and then my boss requested I attend the branch meeting. And no, no, marriage is not an achievement that you need to wish us. In fact, am thinking of a nasty status to put up on fb to ridicule the couples who post love statuses to each other on fb specially on their anniversary*

*Ok… restaurantweekindia replied on twitter that the Dum Pukht waitlisted table is unlikely to get confirmed. Great, now starts the search for another good place for the dinner. Recommendations welcome*

The other 2 restaurants we are going to check out are The Grill Room, The Lalit and Varq, The Taj Mahal Hotel.

You can make a booking here. The menus are given and you just need to pay Rs 100 for now to make a booking. The duration is 17th- 26th April.

My only grouse is that there are too many Japanese, Italian, continental restaurants. Ideally, I would like to try out more regional cuisines. Like, there is only 1 South Indian restaurant. We need more 5 star hotel restaurants which serve regional cuisines.

The All American Diner

I had planned to drive to Lodhi Gardens on Sunday morning for a run and have b’fast at All American Diner at India Habitat Center or some place in Khan Market. But the rains ruined that plan. I woke up late (6.30 am) but managed to run anyway. And then I saw this post on twitter. All American Diner has opened a pop up store at Drift, Epicentre. Our cook bunked on Sunday and we headed there for b’fast. I hate Drift brunches though their a la carte is quite good.

The restaurant opens at 9 am and is in Gurgaon only for 2 months- April and May. I had my fill of the sunset skillet which is a balance between healthy (scrambled eggs) and sinful (sausages and pancakes). I do like this place specially when it isn’t crowded. Though am not sure if they serve the buffet like they do in their Delhi outlet.

Show this place some love and maybe they will open a store in Gurgaon.

Other places which need to open in Gurgaon asap:

– Smokehouse Deli. Their cheesecake is orgasmic

– Indigo Deli. Try their bread basket. Sinful

– Choko La- Guys, you are killing me. I need my hot chocolate fix

– Big Chill. C’mon… Gurgaon is the happening place

*Not getting paid for this post. I don’t think you can write a scathing, unbiased review if you get paid by the sponsor. Not that anyone is lining up to pay me… Just saying*


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