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I don’t know why everyone is trashing the Flipkart sale. Is it THAT big a deal? And people complaining about low stocks for items being sold for Re 1 is absurd. Obviously, those stocks are low…

Sharing a few gems from twitter. The stand up comedians are in over drive with their jokes on this one.

Just to give a context… this is today’s newspaper


It isn’t a big deal because consumers have witnessed P&G and HUL wars for decades now. But there are rumours that flipkart has upped the prices and then given discounts on it. Link to the article here.
And Vir Das has promoted the sale. There is a video somewhere on youtube. Poor guy regrets it now.
The only thing I could have potentially bought is the Philips air fryer (fry without oil.. great reviews online… I did NOT get paid to mention this here… though I wouldn’t mind) which did not have a ‘special’ discount. Normal discount does not count. I can never buy at the price quoted by the seller. Thats just not Sindhi enough.
 Maybe Amazon has recruited lots of people to buy everything from Flipkart today, which they can later sell in Amazon.
 Jeff Bezos: “I wish I could buy Snapdeal on Flipkart. I’ll get the right product at the right price”
 Hey let us know if you need any help with the PR damage 😛 *runs away*
 Went to Flipkart and bought a book for Rs.1. It’s called ‘Chutiya banaya bada mazaa aya’ Quite a riveting read.
 So glad India doesn’t do brick and mortar Black Friday sales. After seeing the response to the Flipkart sale, i feel like there’d be murders
* Jayalalitha searches for bail on Flipkart
* Even that shows ‘Out of Stock’
* Returns back to her cell
 In this war between Flipkart, Snapdeal & Amazon – Times of India is laughing all the way to the bank..
Checked jbl speakers on Price 6k, discount 2k!!! OMG!!! Checked All other sites, already 4k. Waah waah.
Bought Mutton Biryani from Flipkart but Raita was cheaper at Snapdeal  (Love this guy’s Sindhi jokes… totally get them since am a Sindhi too)
 Only 2 things are still available at the Flipkart Sale. Chetan Bhagat’s ‘Half Girlfriend’ & Mamy Poko diapers.
The Flipkart Big billion sale ended at 8:05 a.m. Thanks for coming.
 Dyyyyiiinngg to do jokes about something and I can’t. 100s of them in my head. There is no torture worse than this.
 Flipkart. Amazon. Snapdeal. 3 e-diots.

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