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I have taken my own time to get back into the groove after the injury. I don’t want to go back to the physiotherapist (despite him being a Gujju and loving Sindhi food) ever again and have been doing everything to prevent that in the future.

I spoke to Rishabh last night. He is an Ironman. Don’t know what that means? Check this and this. It is basically a 3.86 km swim, 180.25 km bicycle ride and 42.2 km run without a break and in that order. So, yeah… please stop calling me crazy for running 21 km. 21 km is NOTHING. And no, I didn’t ask his timing. Its irrelevant. Anyway. Rishabh is my junior from B school and an entrepreneur. Ok, am going to stop raving now. He is the person I go to when I need advice. Not always, but at crucial times. Last night was one such moment.

I am bored with my strength training routine. I am getting better, everyone does but I feel like it’s more of upper body workouts and less of lower body. Also, yoga + strength training + TRX + core + running + badminton (now) + swimming (next week onwards) is going to be a nightmare to manage so I need a plan. A plan I can stick to.

A gist of the discussion I had with Rishabh last night:

– I had planned to run 14-15 km at Corbett (more on that after the trip) this Saturday but now I think am going to focus on 10 km for a few weeks. Improve the stamina… achieve a decent time before I move on to the next distance.

– The next half marathon is in May and it’s a trail run. So, need to get stronger because trail runs are so much tougher than the regular runs. This gives me a lot of time to train for it so am not going to be in a hurry to increase the distance

– I have decided to train for a full marathon (in December) closer to time. The focus right now will be on building the base/foundation. Focus on the half marathons and start training for the full marathon in August/September. Actually, whatever I do right now is in a way training for the full marathon. The only thing I will start in Aug/Sept are the long runs

– Rishabh made an important point yesterday. He told me it’s difficult to stay motivated for so long. I can run 30-40 km in the next 6 months but what next then? I will end up getting bored after that and the lack of running will show during the full marathon

*I didn’t train for SCMM after ADHM and it showed. I busted my knee because of the lack of training*

– Short 4 km runs to reduce my time are the focus right now. I never even dreamed I could achieve an average pace of less than 7.5 mins. I managed 7.24 mins today and feel great. Need to first bring it down to 7 mins and then take it from there

– There will be only 1 speed run in a week. Last week my hamstrings hurt like crazy all day and I didn’t understand why. It was just 4 km. 4 km is nothing. But like Rishabh said, the speed runs take their toll and they are best done once a week

As for strength training, am going to keep it simple. Squats, lunges, calf raises, burpees, behind dips, planks etc etc. I don’t want/need to build every upper body muscle. Once I get the final plan from Fitness First today (which I will edit at will), I will share it here.

What does my schedule look like for this week?


– Day 1, 2, 3 workouts are strength training.

– Yoga is helping me with flexibility and lots of core workout

– Core is a favourite class. Chandan is the trainer and he is soooo funny. It’s the only class where we laugh as much as we workout

– TRX is of course, the absolute favourite. It helps that Amit is super hot. But yes, working with your body weight is more difficult than working with weights. It’s a class on Friday but since am off to Corbett on Friday I haven’t mentioned it here. Also, there is body balance (Tai chi+ yoga) on Fridays

– Swimming is for cross training

– The time in the gym will also include foam rolling 2-3 days a week

This is what my schedule will look like for next week. Don’t get alarmed. I over plan and even if 80% of this is done, am happy. I don’t plan rest days because I know I will end up bunking someday or the other.


It may seem like a lot but I have the time. Or rather, I choose to make the time. The runs/swim are a matter of waking up an hour earlier. That is super easy during summers. I don’t drink these days. Socializing is restricted to lunches on weekdays and weekend pe there is enough time for that. Also, I like playing Badminton with KC. Though we are temperamentally very different when it comes to sports- he plays sports and I don’t. And he is super competitive which means I need to up my game. I hate going to bed with his “I won… I won… I won”
Badminton is the only sport where I have the chance to beat him. That’s the beauty of the game. Anyone can play it.

If you look at my schedule, most nights I get free by 8 pm so that gives me 2 hours to kill before bedtime which is good enough to watch stuff on youtube or read.
The reason am saying all this is- cut out the crap and focus on what’s important. Fill your time with things you like/want to do. Wake up an hour earlier. Maybe hire a cook to get that off your schedule (if you don’t like cooking). Also, marriage does not mean spending 24/7 together. I am happy if KC and I have even 1 hour of quality time in a day. Honestly, the time we spend together in the car on the way to work is when we have the most intense conversations.
It’s kind of difficult to have a serious/mature conversation when you see someone playing ‘Tanks’ on his Ipad.

Now I feel like am doing too much. Do you think am crazy? Do I need to ‘slow down’? I don’t feel like it though. My worst nightmare is having nothing to do.

Thik hai. I will put up a post on 13th April on how much of this I managed to do. Let’s compare and check if am over planning and need to knock off something.

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