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After postponing it for weeks, I finally got my BMA done today. Of course, I have been regular at my workouts and eaten right this week. I wanted to reduce the havoc created by the stress of shifting and the vacation. I went off track in the last 1 month BUT I have controlled my portion sizes and the fuck all food at Singapore was a big help. I have indulged but not like I would have few months back.

So, am happy to note that am at my lowest fat weight and percentage since I started tracking. A part of me thinks the numbers are incorrect because I don’t think I look slimmer. Basically, I don’t see the inch loss though I haven’t gained significant fat. Even if the numbers are wrong, am motivated to stay on track despite the shifting and move to Mumbai which will throw my schedule off track.

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This is a recap of all the months:

  • February : I started the journey but lost only 500 gm. In the first 2 weeks, I didn’t lose ANY weight. What would have happened if I had become demotivated and given up completely? There was no weight loss even in the last week
  • March : This is when things started moving and results poured in. It was a very, very good month
  • April : Again, the progress was slow to negligible but I didn’t give up
  • May : The first week for good, the 2nd week not so much. Went off track after that and stopped tracking
  • June : Went off track but tried to workout and eat right some days

4.6 kgs of fat loss in 5 months may not seem a lot but it is something. Maybe I will lose 5 kgs in the next 5 months or maybe I will do it in 2.5 months. It doesn’t matter. As long as I continue to make the efforts, it is all ok.

All my clothes are loose right now. On my birthday, I fit into the dress I bought a year back in the sale which was 2 sizes too small. I fell in love with it and though it was above my budget and not available in my size, I bought it. Sounds stupid but right now it seems worth it. All the clothes that were at the back of my closet because they didn’t fit, now do.

And am in the top 10% in the TRX class. The body pump (60 mins intense weight lifting class) trainer struggled through today’s class and I didn’t break a sweat. Sure, it was his first class but am assuming someone that fit should be able to manage body weight training. Apparently not.

5 months :

  • 4.6 kgs fat loss
  • 5% fat percentage reduction
  • Lowest fat weight
  • Highest muscle mass
  • Lowest weight. (I have stopped stepping on a scale. BMA is my only measurement)
  • BMI (Body mass index) has just touched the normal zone
  • I can run half marathons
  • I can cycle 16-17 km without breaking a sweat
  • This is the fittest I have ever been
  • I have toned legs
  • My calves have definition. I have wanted that since I started running

And this is just the start.

What are you waiting for?

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