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I was in AP/Telengana (Vijaywada/Hyderabad) for 2 days and the plan was to eat lots of rice as part of my favourite cuisine- Andhra food. Since we were staying the Courtyard by Mariott (but got upgraded to the Presidential Suite at Mariott), I would be able to workout atleast once at the gym… twice, if I was upto it. On Thursday morning I hit the gym for an upper body workout.

Last Friday during the TRX class….

Trainer : push ups for 1 minute

I do 25 full form ones even though I have never done more than 15.

Trainer (after a set of burpess) – 1 more set of 1 min push ups

Me : I cannot do one more push up. Not happening

Trainer : Try

Me : Ok

I give him 20 more push ups… I don’t know how. My body is such a traitor, I tell you.

45 push ups in a few minutes was unimaginable until I was asked to do so and had no other option but to try.

Anyway, I managed to do 40 full form push ups at the Mariott gym. A lady doing cardio and squats asked me if am an athlete. I told her am a runner but no, I don’t play any sport. She called me “inspiring” because I made push ups look “easy”. I told her they are anything but easy but the good news is… anyone can do them with practice and intent.

I have started running most days of the week instead of alternate days and have found a running partner for weekdays running. I will probably train on my own on Sundays. The big change is running without music. I haven’t really done that earlier (except during the Corbett run) and I find that having or not having music does not make a difference. Ok, there is one difference- I don’t have to listen to my breathing when I run with music. This lady prefers to run early because she has to send her kids off to school. This means I have to push myself to wake up at 5.30 am.

The downside is that I will start training for the full marathon (as soon as this ultra marathoner finds the time to give me a training plan) and will not be able to continue running with her because I have to practice sprints and tempo runs. With her, we run at the same pace throughout and I cannot train that way on all days.

I woke up 6 am today for a run. It looked like it would rain and decided to go back to sleep. At 6.30 am I pushed myself to get out of bed. If I didn’t run I would regret it when runners’ put up their rainfies on facebook. I would regret staying in bed instead of running. I put on my shoes, clothes, checked that it is not raining and went downstairs. It was drizzling. Damn!!! I came upstairs again and decided to head to the gym for a group class. But the first class was at 9.30 am and it was only 7 am. I decided to run around the building even though 10 km in this area is pretty boring. If it started raining heavily, I would be able to reach home in a few minutes instead of being stranded on some other road. After 2 km, I realized that running in the rain is fun… tough but fun. I headed towards Galleria where roads were blocked for Raahgiri. Thankfully, I did come across other runners but they were all finishing their runs while I was just starting mine. I got drenched… my white tee was transparent by the end of it… my shorts were wet… the phone was protected by the plastic cover… my shows are muddy. But it was fun. Now I can run in hot weather and rains… just need to figure out how to run in the winters though.

And here is the target for next one month. Instead of thinking about the final goal, I have decided to take it one month and one week at a time. If I manage to achieve this, I just need 3 more months to get where I want to be. Also, I will know for sure if am on track or not every week. And I have taken pictures in a dress which I need to fit into well. I do fit into it but I want the fat to not be seen. Wish me luck!!!


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