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You won’t ever hear me bragging about my gym- Fitness First unless you specifically ask me about it in person. It was quite a stretch for me to switch to a 6k/month gym from a 2k/month gym. The 2k/month gym- VLCC is/was also quite good. The trainer- Rajesh gave me personal attention and taught me all I know- squats, lunges, crunches, planks, weighted squats etc. It was a learning experience for him as well because this is the kind of gym where they make women lift lighter weights (2-3 kg) with higher reps. I had started reading and told Rajesh I wouldn’t touch 2-4 kg ever again and he shouldn’t make me do more than 15-20 reps of a workout. The reason I switched was because I felt like I had learned everything there was to learn from him. And I did take my own time before I joined FF specially since I came across a lot of negative comments online on their billing policy.

*They only have 3/6 months membership and you have to inform in advance if you want to end the membership beyond 6 months else you continue to get charged. You can pause the membership for a few months but at a cost*

I wouldn’t recommend it to people who are not regular gymmers. I spend 2 hours/day at this place, sometimes even more, and get full value of the money I pay. But if you are someone who needs a lot of push to get to the gym, this place will be hard on your pocket. I remember telling KC- I am rewarding myself with FF and if I don’t lose weight or improve my fitness in the initial 6 months, I will punish myself by going back to the 2k/month gym. It has been a year now and I love that place. It is my happy place. I walk in there and any worries or frustrations are pushed to the back of my mind.

Pheromones- why aren’t they retailed as drugs?

The best part about FF is that it does not just focus on strength building. It has classes for everything- weight lifting, flexibility, cardio, core strength. You can just attend the classes and never have to worry whether you are doing something right.

Some people like to run, others play sports, some lift weight, somebody else likes to dance, someone likes yoga- it does not matter what you do… these are all different ways to be fit. Do I respect someone who can do pull ups? Sure. But I have the highest level of respect for someone who can do a head stand and chakrasanas. Because it requires an inhuman (according to me) level of flexibility and takes a lot of practice to build. Also, someone who can do these asanas is always fit. Just because someone can run long distances, does not mean they are fit. But that is not the case with yoga. I have seen people who are the most flexible in yoga classes pick up TRX very fast and they are pretty good in the core class too.

If you want to be at the highest level of fitness, adopt yoga. It may or may not help you lose weight but should be part of anyone’s regime.

I only attend 2 classes at FF- core and TRX, apart from the yoga ones. Both these classes are taken by my favourite trainers- Chandan and Amit. What makes them special is that with every class I push myself a little ahead. Next time when I do my own workout, there is an improvement. And TRX is a high intensity class throughout. There is no point where our heart rate drops. In fact, as every minute passes, it gets tougher and tougher. Few months back when I started the class, I could not do even 5 crunches (with legs suspended on the TRX) or single leg squats. Now, 100 crunches are a regular thing in the class and even crunches with push ups are not a big deal. Single leg squats are not an issue anymore and am trying to up the number of reps of burpees with push ups.



Don’t get me wrong- these are not my achievements. I couldn’t even have tried any of this on my own. These are the achievements of all the trainers and their hard work. It is not a coincidence that everyone’s fitness levels improve when they attend the TRX classes regularly.

Another good part is that there is always someone better than me in any class. This was not the case in VLCC, atleast not if I compare myself to only the females. I think, if you are the best somewhere- personally or professionally, you are in the wrong place. It is better to be at the bottom than to be at the top. You can always go from the bottom to the top. What do you do once you are at the top? Oh wait, you brag. Which is a big turn off. So while I will be trying to make my row difficult in TRX, there is another guy who will try to do with one leg off the ground. And then I try it too.. and fail miserably (atleast initially).

There are many times am tempted to get a personal trainer. How awesome would it be to have Amit training me 10-11 days in a month.

*Can’t ask Chandan because he has been promoted and gets to train at the Saket branch now. He does us a favour by coming in once a week at the oddest time*

One big issue with a personal trainer, apart from the additional cost, is that I won’t be able to plan my own workouts. In the last year I have learned how to operate all the machines myself and push myself. This is very important for me. I like to be in control and know what am doing and why am doing it. Also, the workout plan has to be in line with my goals. Tomorrow if I shift gyms or shift cities, I should be able to workout without anyone’s help. That is the objective.

Okies… I need to rush for bath now. The 10 km was such a terrible run today and I have been lying on the bed for the last 3 hours now. I shudder to think of tomorrow’s 18 km.

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