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I haven’t been able to follow through my routine last week because of work and travel. I did try to eat right though. This is what my week looked like:

Saturday : Rest day. Lunch at Benihana which didn’t include overly unhealthy stuff. Rice and sev tamatar sabji for dinner (carb loading)

Sunday : Half marathon. Rice and sev tamatar sabji for lunch (leftovers). Heavy dinner with dessert (few spoons only. Gone are the days when I could wipe off 1 serving of dessert)

Monday : Rest day. Snacked on banana chips.

Tuesday : No workout. Food on track.

Wednesday : Hill repeats. Weights. Yoga. Food on track.

Thursday : Cycling. Light dinner but lots of wine.

Friday : No workout. Had 2-3 pcs of chicken/fish starters which were fried/stuffed with cheese and grilled fish. Everything else on track.

Saturday: Weights. Food on track.

I got my BMA checked with very low expectations and when I saw the fat weight, I assumed there has been weight gain. Well, that was expected considering I hadn’t followed the plan. It didn’t worry me so much because people have been telling me I have lost weight. And since I don’t go around asking people “Do I look like I have lost weight?”, I believe them.

The trainer who checks in every few days and so sees me 2-3 times a week asked me “How is it going?”. Usually my answer is “Oh, I just started” or “I have been too focused on the half marathons so gym has been on a back burner” or “Too much travel right now” but this time I said “It has been going good. I have been on track for the last 2-3 weeks and am following your advice of eating only proteins for dinner. I have lost fat and gained muscles which is very encouraging”. He said that the weight loss shows

I came home to put up the results of the BMA on my whiteboard and realised it has been a good week. This is what Feb looked like.


After week 1, it would have been so easy for me to get demotivated and go off track. But I have been focused on following my weekly plan even if it doesn’t reflect on BMA.

But this isn’t the best part. I love how my arms look right now. I love the shape, definition and the tiny mound of muscles on them. I am working out my lower body too but the arms are most noticeable. They have had more muscles in the past and that is what am aiming for.


The goal for March is 21 kg of muscles from 20.5 kg currently. All I have to do is lift weights/TRX 3-4 times a week. Focus on the process and the results will follow.

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