First cake in new microwave

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Chocolate cake- Pilsbury cake mix. It tastes as good as the one made from scratch
Chocolate icing- Pilsbury ready icing… I think the consistency of the one made from scratch is better
I didn’t have the patience to even the cake.
Reminders to myself:
  • Next time use a bigger tin container. The cake tripled in size and was shaped like a mountain. For icing it should have a flat top
  • Remove the top layer for icing and use the icing when it is still hot. Maybe putting the vessel on another one with hot water will help
I can’t eat it ‘coz of the calories and there is nobody else to eat. Want a bite? I will parcel it.

5 thoughts on “First cake in new microwave

  1. Well, the cake will be okay for atleast 3-5 days. Also you can take it to your office and treat your colleagues.
    Your venture reminded me, how I started with a Betty Crocker Mix when I baked my very first it. It was sumptuous too. But the satisfaction you gain of doing it from the scratch is enormous.Well done!

  2. Hmm… I gave it away after tasting it. I will try a cake from scratch on the weekend and then compare my satisfaction levels… 🙂
    You will have to share some of your recipes of cakes, cup cakes etc with me

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