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I had been dying to watch this flick… finally, the DVD library stocked it. Firaaq is a movie on Gujarat riots written and directed by Nandita Das (of ‘Fire’ fame). The movie is excellent and focuses on all aspects- the plight of Muslims, their feeling of revenge, the Muslims whose shops were burnt (surprisingly, even if shops had Hindu names but the investor was a Muslim the shop was burnt. Example, V.Ravji’s- a very very successful chain of supermarket started by Ravji’s who is a Muslim. He sold the chain to Adani’s but they didnt change the name. A few shops- one of them in Satellite were looted and burned), views of Gujjus who were involved in the looting and raping, those who closed their doors to the victims, the Hindus who were not involved in any of it.

I remember that day clearly- the day the train at Godhra was burned I was unaware about it since I was in a Govt hostel without a TV. The matron briefed us and asked us not to move out the next day. I didn’t think it was serious and ventured out to meet my bf. The roads were deserted… it was kinda scary. When my bf didn’t turn up I returned to the hostel. On the way I saw people burning shops. Thankfully, nobody bothered me and I reached back safe and sound. There was no security at the hostel… the matrons asked us to stay with our local guardians. Many girls were not from Gujarat… they barely knew their local guardians and chose to stay in the hostel. It was not even safe for guardians to come pick up the girls. I stayed with my parents friends for a few days till it was safe for Mom and Dad to take me home. The college was closed for around 2 months. We were glued to the TV all day and images of violence, blood etc were tormenting. Sometimes the electricity would be cut off at night and Mom would wonder how people will save themselves incase they are attacked.
A must watch. It was a pleasure to watch Tisca Chopra (of Taare Zameen Par fame) and Sanjay Suri… both fabulous actors.

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